Aadne Olsrud, a man who lives for the mountains.

Aadne Olsrud is a man who lives for the mountains of northern Norway. He is a passionate freeride snowboarder, hiker, climber, runner, and biker, but more specifically a fat bike enthusiast. He explores the regions of Tamokdalen with his Taiga fat bike. “Its really the only bike I could possibly go here with.” Aadne says the Pole’s new school geometry combined with XXL tires make it the perfect choice.

Thanks to the monstrous 5.05″ tires, the whole bike floats over the snow while giving a very comfortable ride. Trekking with the Taiga is easy, it takes two racks and pedaling doesn’t get too hard because of the upright riding position. The geometry, like all Pole bikes, means it also climbs easily and gives a perfect balance for the rider. The ease of having fun is the essence of the bike.

Before, Aadne would not have believed that he would become a biker. A few years ago he bought his first hardtail to ride the paths of Tamokdalen. Then the Pole group met with Aadne when they went to do the first photo shoot up north. Shortly after the trip Aadne became an ambassador of Pole Bicycles.

“Taiga is the golden midway where practicality meets fitness”. We couldn’t agree more with Aadne on this expression. The ability to ride anywhere anytime is one of the most important reasons we have a fat bike in our line up. Here in the northern parts of the world, we have lots of snow for several months a year and we need to be able to practice our biking skills throughout the winter. Taiga is our solution to that and look where it got us. We won all the categories in the Finnish Enduro Series this year.

But how about the future of fat bikes? The bike categories are slowly combining. What is a fat bike and what is a 3” hybrid hardtail? Big publishers and manufacturers have announced that the trend is dying. We can’t say it is just a trend, It’s more a way of life. When it comes to tourism in Lapland fat bikes and especially Taigas are an unbeatable way of exploring the environment, no matter the season or the level of the rider. There are no ready-made paths, but it is possible to ride from Kilpisjärvi in Finland to Tamokdalen in Norway.

“There is huge potential because it doesn’t matter how experienced a biker you are. Taiga is an easy bike for a beginner to ride and if you are a pro, don’t worry, you won’t be left behind.”

Aadne ends the interview with, “The best moments I’ve experienced with my Taiga is the early Spring mornings. Riding across valleys and mountains around dawn is one of the most empowering feelings.”