Vital MTB interview on Pole owners

Link to the Vital MTB interview on Pole owners story here

Pole has sold bikes to 37 different countries, and 99% of them was sold direct. We want to know our customers and help them to get the best MTB experience there can be. At the beginning of our journey we have been active on forums but lately, the more customers we have we have started to fade out from the forums and let our customers communicate with other mountain biking enthusiasts. Instead of hanging out on the forums we found our Facebook group which has been very handy in talking with our fans. Leo and other Pole employees have been helping out people to solve issues and help with their bike setup. Also, the owners have contributed potential Pole owners on their questions.

Vital MTB has done us a huge favor interviewing our customers and getting them to speak out. We are delighted that our customers are so happy about the bike and are enjoying the same features we wanted the bikes to be good. Cheers to everyone who took part in the Vital MTB interview. You can redeem a free Pole T-Shirt from our customer service@polebicycles.com