Pole Bicycles Welcomes The Loam Ranger

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Ryan contacted us right after we published the EVOLINK. He was one of the first guys who was exited about our concept of creating ‘new school’ geometry. Over the years we have seen Ryan and Beth’s vlog “The Loam Ranger” evolve and them become a well-known name within the mountain biking community. Ryan and Beth’s take on creating mountain bike content is interesting as they do not work the same way as other journalists — Ryan and Beth are vloggers but with professional twist. We feel that we have been working with a punk rock band that got famous. The feeling might be both ways. We are exited to start working together and see where we end up. – Leo Kokkonen

a natural collaboration

Hello Pole Bicycle fans! This is Ryan here. I can’t tell you how pumped Beth and I are to be working with Pole. It was about one year ago when I received my first Pole frame (a “Polar Blue” Evolink 140) and since then, I have taken that bike all across the world and have rolled it through nearly every type of terrain imaginable. I am very much a believer in Pole’s design philosophy and could not imagine riding any other brand of bike, so this collaboration couldn’t be more perfect. Beth is now on a size small Evolink 140 (seen in the back of the video) and she’s been crushing her previous personal records. but you’ll hear more about that in a future video!


This is all about you

This collaboration is 100% about creating videos and articles that you want to see. Want to know more about Pole’s design process? Let us know. Are you looking for tips on how to travel with your new Machine? Tell us in the comments. You get the idea. As Pole owners ourselves, we’ll be creating things from a riders perspective, which we hope you’ll appreciate!

Like I said above, if you have any ideas for topics that you’d love to see covered, leave them down in the comments and we’ll review every one of them.

follow the journey

The first big filming trip begins tomorrow and we’d love for you to follow along with us! Be sure to check out Pole’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for all the latest news and updates.


Ryan and Beth