How To Corner w/ Matti Lehikoinen — Berms

I think we can all agree that being able to fly through corners with speed and composure is an essential part of being a great mountain biker. Matti Lehikoinen took some time to chat with Ryan while in Madeira about the steps he uses to rail supported corners (berms). Take a look at the video above to learn how to leave the corner faster than when you went in!

Matti’s 4 tips for cornering speed

  1. Understand The Corner – Know what you are getting into and check out the corner before hand
  2. Set Your Entry Speed – Get your braking done early, so that you enter into the corner with stability and composure
  3. Central Body Position – Keep your weight in the middle of the bike (Pole’s style of geometry greatly helps with this)
  4. Look And Press – Look out of the corner to the next portion of the trail while pressing the bike into the final portion of the turn to hold grip and rocket you out of the turn faster than when you went in

For me personally (this is Ryan typing, by the way), learning to brake and control my speed before the corner was a total eye-opener. I hope you found these tips as helpful as I have! Be sure to check in again for part two of this cornering series, where Joe Nation helps us tackle the dreaded flat, unsupported corner.

Cheers everyone!