How To Ride FLAT Corners W/ Joe Nation

Successfully riding flat corners is one of the most difficult skills to acquire. It takes solid technique, subtle bike handling and trust in your tires (not to mention being okay with landing on your face every now and then…). EWS pro rider and Pole sponsored athlete Joe Nation walks Ryan through the key elements to mastering this elusive technique. Check out the video above for more!

Joe’s Tips For Mastering Flat Corners

  1. Brake Early And Brake Hard – Make sure you’re going into the corner at a comfortable speed (probably a slower speed than you think). If you find you’re going too fast once already in the corner, heavy braking will likely make you slide out.
  2. Point Your Hips/Body In The Direction Of The Turn – This helps put your body in the best position for weight distribution down through your bike and into your tires
  3. Engage Your Side Knobs – The side knobs of your tires were made for this very purpose, so put them to work! It helps to lean your bike into the turn even more than you are, to help drive your weight straight down into those dirt-thirsty side knobs.
  4. Look Through The Corner And Put The Power Down – Look out of the corner to the next portion of the trail. The moment those cornering forces start to let off, pedal pedal pedal!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these two cornering videos. If you missed part one with Matti Lehikoinen, click here.

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Cheers everyone!