Bushmaster is now Stamina 140

Pole Bushmaster is changing its name to Stamina 140 due to conflict with other brands naming of their products. Therefore Stamina is now Stamina 180 and all future bikes in this category will be named by their travel. For example later this year there will be Stamina 200.

Both Stamina’s will be visible in Sea Otter Exhibition next week at Monterey.

Stamina 140 Frameset
Stamina 140 TR
Stamina 140 XC
Stamina 140 LEPricing exc.Vat. (EU 24%)
Deliveries starts in June

How did we come up with Stamina 140

Stamina 180 was an eyeopener for Pole even though all of our bikes have been very successful, we learned that even now starting from a clean desk is worth the effort. Stamina 140 was named and on our roadmap before Stamina 180. The idea was to create a shorter travel trail bike after we launched the Machine. Our Founder and head engineer Leo’s insight was to create a more playful, shorter travel trail bike with Pole DNA. Just before the project had started Leo got an idea that we should make a mule “Stamina” to test if we could push the limits of the bikes yet further. So instead of creating one bike, he wanted to create two! When we had done first laps with Stamina 180, we knew right away that we have made a breakthrough. We learned that a 180mm travel 29″ still pedals like a trail bike and it is also fast. Then we decided to release Stamina 180 as well.

Later we got challenged by Steve Matthews when he claimed that he had figured out a perfect front and rear center balance for cornering. We already knew that it is not like that, but we stood up and wanted to do science with Steve. We took his theory and tried to test it in practice. We got a bike that had exactly his portions and compared it to Stamina which should not work. In the result, we found out that our portions are 3% faster than his. You can read the full story about the test here.

With Stamina 140 we take a notch off from the speed and focus for a balanced playfulness and leave that 1% advantage to for the races. This bike is our answer to the playfulness and speed.

Find out all the spec, geometry, and details about the Pole Stamina 140 here.