Pole Philosophy

Pole wants to create the fastest, most striking, and most thoughtfully designed machines. Pole is the ultimate expression of what we can do today. We value humans and nature, and we don’t want to cause any unnecessary harm to either of them. We have made solutions in our product that look into the future to a more balanced living on the earth. We want to be innovative, logical, and reasonable, and we want to be as transparent as possible.

We want to ride better

We founded Pole bicycles on the principles of doing our best to create a bike that will make you a better rider. Pole bikes allow you to be more concentrated, more composed, and more in control. We think that the bicycle is not a vehicle, but it’s an extension of yourself that floats your body through the forests and down mountains. The beauty of mountain biking is the bike that allows you to communicate with the trail and feel a big range of emotions that satisfies all the senses.

We want to express ourselves

The excitement, fear, and happiness that you go through in just one ride is something that you remember for a lifetime, and those emotions will bring you back to the trails. Mountain biking will challenge you to exhaust yourself and go through pain to reach the satisfaction of going fast. When you are not riding your bike, you will dream about your next ride.

Creating a Community

We love to share our experiences and talk about our machines, gear, and gadgets. The hardware is just essential for mountain biking and that’s why we want to be a part of our customer’s journey all the way to make it even better.

-Leo Kokkonen

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