Trans Madeira Day 4

It has been a tough week we have had such a massive contrast of different kinds of weather and conditions from one extreme to another. There is one more day to go and I am looking forward to having a cold beer on the beach.

Day 4 we faced a big diversity of conditions and variables. I struggled with the condition in the morning, it was peanut butter mud and it clogged up my tires and it was hard to find grip. I felt like I was in Alice’s adventures in wonderland haha. It took me a little while before I figured out how to ride the mud without locking up my brakes and ending up going off course. It was a matter of survival rather than trying to go fast. In the afternoon things got better and riding was more enjoyable, it was weird feeling riding in the rain and still getting the dust blown from the tires. The second of the last stage was like trying to find a needle in the haystack. I felt like I was lost and couldn’t see the trail, there was fog, long grass and to top it of cows running around the mid-stage. In the end, I had a pretty clean day and manage to crawl back to second place overall. At the moment I am about a minute from first place and we are neck in neck with 3rd, so going into the final day it is going to be a battle. I must keep it consistent and not make any mistakes if I want to hang on to send a place.

Result of day 4