Trans Madeira day 5

We caught up with happy and tired Leo after he made it to the finish line after the epic five days of riding. Full result here

Yes, we made it! This feeling is indescribable, you must experience one of these events yourself one at last ones in a lifetime. All the struggles, ups and downs were well worth it, I would do it again any day, even it’s very consuming event.

The best thing about the week was getting to ride so many amazing trails with a great group of people, so it doesn’t get much better than that.

Every single time I have learned a lot in these trans events, but there is always stuff I can improve in my riding. I am happy how I rode this week, couple 2nd place stage times and 2nd overall this week I must be happy about.

For somebody thinking about doing a trans event, I have a few tips. If you are hesitating should you do it or not. Yes do it, it is an experience you will never forget and you will meet people from all over the world who have a common interest in riding bikes. Be prepared and make sure you are fit, know how to service your bicycle with limited equipment, ride your race, and bring enough snacks, you will need a lot of them.

Video report will be following, when Leo gets back to Finland.

Full result her