Pre-sale of the Stamina 140 ending soon

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First of all – huge thanks to all of you who already ordered the Stamina 140, you rock!

And for all of you still wondering about the purchase, now it would be the time to hit the beast into a shopping cart and order the best trail bike – The -10% pre-sale offer is ending in less than two weeks! You get the new features with your purchase.

Stamina 140

Did you already order? Read this!

We improved the Stamina with UDH and STFUBike Drivetrain dampers since you ordered your bikes. We will upgrade your orders too if requested so please contact our support if you too want STFU and UDH. These two changes might be something to look in to. All these features concern the 180 and 140 and with the same timeline.

What’s STFUBike and UDH then. Keep reading…

Leo Kokkonen testing the STFUBike and UDH at Finale Ligure

STFU Drivetrain damper

As you might know, we have been developing our chain slap protection for a while. The prototype “gummytooth” was implemented on the Machine about a year ago but it did not go to production. Instead, we have been (and keep) using the Mastic tape as it’s at the moment the most available and effective system. Most companies in the industry are using a plastic injection molded chain protection, which looks cool, to be honest. However, we never wanted to lock ourselves into a plastic mold because we were looking something that is more universal like our cable routing system with zip-ties.

We have seen a whole bunch of different ways trying to solve the issue of chain slapping and it’s side effects in the downhill racing circuit. A while ago Matti’s former World cup teammate and mountain biking legend Chris Kovarik made an invention called “STFUBike”. We wanted to test one and we hooked up to Chris while we were at Whistler. The product was still in the prototype phase but we got some samples and fell in love right away. STFUBike is simple and effective -just like we like it. STFUBike is designed to keep your bike quiet and efficient whilst minimizing wear. STFUBike prevents not only the chain slaps and make your bike quieter, but also prevents the chain and the drivetrain to wear. Win-win!

Tested in action – ready for use

We test every component on the race track before we put it on our bikes. STFUBike has been tested in Whistler, Northstar, Zermatt and Finale Ligure EWS without any issues. STFUBike was designed to be mounted the loop pointing upward but we found out that it works the best the opposite way (upside down). The way we mount the loop prevents it from flopping to the spokes. We always push our products to reach the highest possible quality and that in mind, we re-designed the Stamina to use STFUBike upside down, hanging it from the seatstay. Using STFUBike drivetrain damper is a very clean, easier to maintain and sophisticated way to make your bike work even better and longer:

“A silent bike is a fast bike because the quieter the bike is, the more I can enjoy the riding itself” -Matti Lehikoinen

Benefits of STFU

  • Less noise (& more speed)
  • Less wearing for the whole drivetrain
  • More efficient than the common injection-molded solutions
  • Easy to maintain

UDH – Universal Derailleur Hanger

SRAM came up with a solution to a problem that every one of the bikers has had at some point. Broken or bent derailleur hanger and no spare. When we heard about a standard derailleur hanger that is available from SRAM we put it on the drawing board right away. We think that the bike should be maintainable and practical. That’s why we decided to take Srams Universal Derailleur Hangar into production and better out odds for our customers to find spare parts when in need.

You can find more information about UDH’s straight from SRAMs website:

Where did the “sharkfins” go?

Stamina 140 and 180 had the cool looking sharkfin struts between the chainstays and seatstays. We got a lot of feedback that the chain slap is so loud with them and the mastic is chopped to pieces after a while so we looked into another solution. We patented this innovation because we thought it’s so cool.


Special offer ending Nov. 11, 2019

Now that the bike is tuned to it’s finest, we are ready to start production. This means that the -10% pre-sale offer will also end. What are you still waiting for?

Stamina 140