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Pole takes action to Coronavirus

Finland is in lockdown. The Government has announced that there is a state of emergency in the country as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Finland is not the only country in this situation. The aim is to protect the population and to safeguard the functioning of society and the economy. Therefore, we need to take action to protect our employees and secure our customer’s orders. Pole is not in an immediate risk to shut down, but as a small company, we need to take fast action to secure our business and our employees.

Here at Pole, we have been preparing for this crisis as well as possible. Our production has moved to shifts so that there is less human interaction. All office workers are working from home. A small company like us is dependent on monthly sales income that keeps us going. Due to the current situation, we don’t have resources to run with full-service capacity, so there not be able to answer every call or email.

We need to take action

  1. We start stock clearance discounts. If you want to help Pole to get over the Coronavirus, you can support us and buy products that we have in stock. We will start discounts on EVOLINK’s and other bikes in stock. EVOLINK’s ships in days. We have several packages with 2020 parts that we want to sell. The clearance sale stops in June, and after that, EVOLINK sales will end. Our warranty stands for the frames as usual, and we will keep spare parts in our stock.
  2. All Machine and Stamina orders WILL BE SHIPPED. We have resources to deliver bikes and frames. If you are one of those who have ordered Stamina and waiting for your bikes, we will ship the bike to you before June.
  3. Frame parts and components have been purchased and prepared, and they are waiting for bonding and assembly. We have invested significantly in our new production capacity, and we are focusing heavily on the assembling and delivering of ordered bikes. We understand that the current situation is hard everywhere else, as well. Unfortunately, we can not refund the orders that customers have made before the pandemic. 

You can help!

  1. Be patient. Please understand that we don’t have any resources to answer questions about delivery dates. We will contact you when the bike is ready and with the tracking code.
  2. Please use the Facebook support group for information on sizing and tech details. I will be personally there as active as possible. On Facebook, we can give as much information to as many people as possible.
  3. Purchase any product that is in stock. Stock products are shipping the easiest and helps us operating throughout the Coronavirus.

We advise people not to take any risks of injuries at the moment

The Coronavirus will occupy local hospitals and doctors. If you injure yourself, there might not be any traumatologists to help you. The hospitals might be working in full capacity so that you might risk someone else’s life as well. We have talked to our friends that work in hospitals, and they encourage people to take it easy at the moment.


Leo Kokkonen