Voima E-bike Mechanical Testing to the Highest Standards

EFBE TRI-TEST Gravity Cat-5 Certified

Widely recognized as the gold standard in the cycle industry for mechanical testing, the EFBE test is conducted according to internationally recognized and accepted standards. Completely independent, they test bicycles and components to international ISO and European EN standards for many companies.

We are 100% confident in our manufacturing method and materials used on our CNC frames. So much so that we sent a Voima E-bike frame to EFBE in Germany to put it through its paces. Not only did it surpass the recommended standards for frame testing in the industry, but the Voima E-bike frame has been awarded the EFBE TRI-TEST® seal.

The TRI-TEST® is EFBE’s proprietary development, which goes way beyond the established national and international standards and reflects the specific challenges faced by modern bikes. With its three modules – fatigue tests, maximum load tests, and overload tests – in various load cases, it provides a time-lapse simulation of the stresses throughout a bike’s entire life. The Voima E-bike frame underwent eight individual test stages to be awarded the seal of approval.