Choosing the right components for your Voima frameset

Are you planning on buying the best-in-class E-bike frameset – the Voima? Or maybe you have placed a pre-order already? Read on to learn how to build up your Voima frameset or place an order whilst there’s still time! If you want a Voima for Summer, now is the time to get yours…

More than a Matter of Taste

When it comes to build spec and component choices, there’s not an ideal option that everyone should strive for. Personal preferences vary just as much as body dimensions. Both of which have a major impact on the components, making the list of choices a highly personal affair. 

What can be offered are broader guidelines to help you to get the most potential out of your Voima frameset.

In this article, we’ll list things worth considering when building your Voima e-bike. Even though the same principles apply as in traditional bikes, some differences might get overlooked otherwise. 

We’ll start with the general overview and continue with specific recommendations and ideas in the form of a recommended “workhorse” build as well as a dream build.

What’s Different with E-bikes?

Regular mountain bikes and E-mtb’s both have two wheels, a pair of pedals, and a set of handlebars. Not much difference there, right? On a basic level, yes. But it’s the small details that transform the bike from simply good to excellent. This is especially true in the case of Voima with its ground-hugging 190mm of travel provided by the Sensei suspension platform.

There’s no way around the fact that E-bikes have more mass. From the start, the design philosophy behind Voima was to make it the most capable E-bike on the market. One that can be ridden up with ease, and taken down world cup level downhill tracks with iron-like confidence. These requirements meant that we wanted a full drive system with plenty of torque and ample amounts of battery capacity. Both of which are found on the Bosch Smart System fitted to the Voima.

With the added mass brought by the drive system, striving for a truly lightweight build is a somewhat futile idea, especially if durability and reliability are compromised. To get the most out of Voima we recommend choosing components that are suitable for heavy-duty use, day in and day out. 

The assistance provided by the drive system can effectively double the strain put on the drivetrain parts. Imagine having two sets of legs pushing the pedals at once to get things into perspective. To get the most mileage out of your drivetrain parts, smart and “clean” shifting is something that should be paid attention to. 

Anyone who has swung their leg over a proper E-mtb knows that they ride differently. The added mass adds stability, making a long-travel e-bike capable of plowing through even the hairiest rock garden. Although a generalization, it can be said that with E-bikes the wheels hit obstacles head-on more often going over them with accompanying weight shift performed by the rider. This in turn translates to more brawn being required in the wheel and tire department. 

Rolling resistance is one thing to consider, but when it comes to tire casing and structure, opt for the meatier options. Full-blown downhill tires aren’t out of question here, especially on the rear. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the added grip, durability, and damping qualities provided by the thicker carcass. The same goes for wheels. It’s best to go for the durable rim options that stay true. The use of tire inserts should be a default, not optional. The patented Meganorris is the product to be rivaled when it comes to the level of protection, ease of use, and weight. 

Things to Consider

When it comes to component choice, don’t spare on drivetrain components, especially on parts that are subjected to high wear rates like chains. Choose a chain (along with a chainring and cassette) from the highest category you are comfortable with. Rotating two chains is a good idea to get the most out of your cassette, especially if it’s one of those fancy (and expensive) golden or rainbow-colored SRAM units. 

Braking affairs…

Slowing down precisely where you want and when you want is elemental to ride fast and with high levels of confidence. This is even more important with Voima and E-bikes in general since average speeds are higher, and there’s more mass to decelerate. 

Brake rotors under 200mm should be disqualified from the start. Bigger rotors mean more braking power, as well as better heat management, thanks to the added mass and volume of the bigger rotor. The most powerful brakes are often of the 4-piston variant, but this is not always the case. 

Lastly, suspension! Thanks to the ground-breaking Sensei Suspension, Voima takes advantage of every bit of the available 190mm of travel. In the saddle, this translates to 1st-class sensitivity, ample mid-stroke support, plenty of bottom-out resistance as well as efficient pedaling characteristics.

All Voima framesets and bikes are supplied with Rock Shox Super Deluxe Ultimate Air or Cane Creek Kitsuma shock. Long-term testing has been undertaken with the RS shock and we know exactly the performance it’s capable of. Additional options will be announced as testing continues, including a possible coil chock option.

The Rock Shox Zeb is our fork of recommendation for the Voima. It has the best chassis rigidity of all single crown forks, even in the 190mm configuration used in Voima. If you are planning to build your Voima a true gravity sled, the option for a double crown fork exists to travel figures up to 200mm. 

The Sample Builds

Lastly, we promised to provide two sample builds. The working titles are Workhorse and the Dream Build. Even though the names themselves are quite self-explanatory, a couple of words are warranted to clarify the thought process. 

The Workhorse

The goal here is to have a truly capable bike that unleashes all the potential found in Voima! The parts aren’t the shiniest or blingy, but they get the work done and come back for more. Some notes are added after the component choice when found useful.

  • Fork – Rock Shox Zeb Select+.
    The Charger damper is a solid performer. However, if you want more adjustability and more sophisticated damping features, go for the Ultimate model.
  • Brakes – Sram Code RS(C).
    These 4-pot stoppers from Sram deliver a respectable amount of stopping power with good modulation. If possible, upgrade to the RSC version with the added bite point adjustment.
  • Drivetrain (wear parts) – Sram GX Eagle.
    The GX is a workhorse of a drivetrain. With its 12-speed cassette, the Voima will climb like a mountain goat. 
  • Shifter and derailleur – Sram GX Eagle
  • Cranks – Sram X1.
    Any gravity-focused aluminum crank will do. It might be best to opt for the shorter side to maximize ground clearance.
  • Tire inserts: Meganorris.
    These are found even on the Dream Build. 
  • Wheels: Mavic E-Deemax.
    Mavic has produced high-quality wheels for over a century, and the E-Deemax continues the legacy. There’s a reason why these wheels are chosen for the Voima complete build.
  • Dropper: Bike Yoke Revive Max. The most dependable dropper post there is with plenty of travel. Even though the price might be somewhat compared to competing models, the Bike Yoke still delivers the most value for the money.

Dream Build

The best of the best, creme de la creme, however, you want to put it.

  • Fork: Rock Shox Zeb Ultimate. 190mm of travel controller by the Charger 2.1 damper keeps the front wheel firmly planted.
  • Brakes: Trick stuff Maxima. These German-made brakes are a precision instrument with the power to stop a truck right on its tracks! There’s a reason why these brakes are the staff favorite at Pole. 
  • Drivetrain (wear parts): XX1 Eagle. Investing in the wear parts not only gets you great colors, but also premium materials and manufacturing technologies which translate to crisp shifting and longer lifespan.
  • Shifter and derailleur: XX1 Eagle AXS. Once you go electric, there’s no turning back. The AXS offers the most precise shifting without missing a beat. Installation and setup are the easiest on any groupset.
  • Cranks: Hope E-bike. What would be a better way to crown the phenomenal aluminum CNC’d Voima frame than to match it with 
  • Tire inserts: Meganorris
  • Wheels: Crank Brother Synthesis E-MTB Carbon Wheelset. 
  • Dropper: Bike Yoke Revive Max or Reverb AXS. Bike Yoke holds the top position when it comes to reliability, but the electronic AXS is a winner when it comes to ease of installation.

In Summary

To get the most fun and performance out of the Voima, choose high-performance components in the price bracket that fits your needs. Favor performance over lightweight in the form of heavy-duty tires, powerful brakes with big rotors, and don’t skimp on other essential components such as cockpit parts.  

To minimize drivetrain wear, it is recommended to use components found on mid- or high-level group sets. To get the most out of the parts you’re using, the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance cannot be overstated.

Enjoy the potential for speed and fun the Voima has to offer – there’s a lot of it! 

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