Pole Heads into more Digital to be more Analog

This text and images are created by Leo Kokkonen and edited using Grammarly and ChatGPT.

Previously I shared my insight on how we can learn how to use AI to analyze and create content from a review. We are witnessing one of the most significant industrial revolutions in history. In July 2022, Midjourney launched their AI, and on September 5, 2022, Midjourney AI-Generated Art won the Colorado State Fair Prize. I was so impressed that I quickly created an account and used my monthly subscription volume to generate numerous images within 24 hours. With the release of Openai’s third version of ChatGPT, it is clear that we are on the cusp of a revolution in automation, creation, and analysis.

Why is it so important to talk about AI and human cognitive abilities?

A year ago, I became interested in learning more about effective recruitment strategies because it is crucial to hire competent employees and plan to bring new people into the company. Through my research, I realized that the most predictive indicators of success are high intelligence, creativity, and consciousness. It is also important for individuals to be able to handle high levels of stress. I found it particularly interesting to explore the connections between AI, intelligence, and personality, as these factors will play a significant role in shaping the future of our society, work, and culture.

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In the future, there will be a significant demand for creative individuals in the job market. This is because people with intelligence, including experience, ideas, and creativity, will be highly valued by companies as leaders, developers, and customer service providers. Additionally, those who have practical, real-life experiences will be particularly valuable. This is because while it is possible to train AI to provide information about a product or service in a generic way, it cannot replicate the depth of understanding and perspective that comes from personal experience. For example, an AI may replace you if you have never been a mountain biker and your knowledge is based solely on corporate sales training.

“Puppet President” -Leo Kokkonen using Midjourney

The job market is expected to undergo a significant shift in the future, with a strong demand for creative individuals. In particular, those with intelligence, including experiences, ideas, and creativity, will be highly sought after for leadership, development, and customer service roles. Additionally, individuals with practical, real-life experiences will be particularly valuable. This is because while AI can be trained to provide generic information about a product or service, it cannot replicate the depth of understanding and perspective that comes from personal experience. For example, if you have never been a mountain biker and your knowledge is based solely on corporate sales training, you may be at a disadvantage compared to someone with real-life experience in that field.

@leo_kokkonen Why creative people will be the next group of people that corporations will looking for. #artificialintelligence #chatgpt #openai #mtbtech ♬ alkuperäinen ääni – Leo Kokkonen

However, individuals with the same cognitive abilities but with more real-life experiences will be more valuable to companies because they can communicate with customers on their level and have the AI provide them with real-time information as needed. The AI will also learn from these individuals and suggest answers based on previous conversations. In this way, the salesperson’s role will be more like an overseer, ensuring that the AI is following the right direction.

However, the most significant shift is happening backstage, the boring side. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software will become obsolete on the user interface level. Financial departments don’t need so many clerks to handle the books; the CFO or CEO can ask the AI how many products and what models have been sold into certain market segments. Also, cross-referencing through social media, website visits, and sales numbers can significantly save resources and better customer profiling. This means that customers will get better products as the companies will know earlier what people think. Also, this will lead to better pricing as companies will be more competitive with their products in the market.

What does this mean for Pole?

Our vision is to make our customers smile by creating the best mountain biking experience possible. Our job is to understand the mountain biking community and our customers and offer something that nobody else in the market offers. We create our products for experienced and passionate people who have a deep love and knowledge of the sport of mountain biking. They likely have been involved in the sport for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in mountain biking, including techniques, gear, and trail conditions. Passionate mountain bikers are often highly dedicated to the sport and may spend significant time practicing and participating in mountain biking events and competitions. They may also be highly involved in the mountain biking community and participate in events and activities to promote the sport and connect with other enthusiasts.

Our product ideas are inspired by our experiences riding and interacting with the biking community. We believe that by using AI, we can take the concept of mass customization to a whole new level. Currently, our products can be customized on our website and with the help of our customer service team. Still, the number of options is limited due to the impracticality of processing millions of variations in a reasonable time using human labor. However, AI can accomplish this task in seconds, allowing us to offer our customers a wider range of customization options.

“Caribean Shower Dance” -Leo Kokkonen with Midjourney

By utilizing AI, we can create faster, test more options, and offer personalized solutions for each customer. We have compiled a database of various suspension models, geometries, kinematics, and sizes that can be rapidly produced using our CNC-machining facilities worldwide (believe me, printing bikes won’t scale up). We are currently the only company capable of doing this and will continue to be so. Our customers will have access to a broader range of options for mountain bike sizes, geometries, suspension platforms (for different travel and discipline needs), motors, batteries, and components. Additionally, the software of mountain bikes can be more individually tuned to meet the specific needs and preferences of the rider.

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For example, you might tell the AI that you are looking for a mountain bike suitable for long-distance pedaling, has gold-colored parts, and is capable of handling bike park terrain but is not designed for particularly rough terrain. The AI might ask you for additional information, such as your budget and other details. Also, the AI might give you a few options and suggest some more ideas of what you could do if you choose differently. You could also return to the AI later and say, “I recently sold my previous mountain bike, which I liked, but I am now riding more at bike parks and would like to change the color to silver while keeping the components all black.” The AI remembers you from previous conversations and can suggest a product based on your previous products. It can suggest options based on other brands you have used before. You can give specific requests, such as additional suspension options and technical details.

“Amazing Bird Clown Suit” -Leo Kokkonen with Midjourney

When is this going to happen?

This is happening now. As I write this blog post, I think about implementing these ideas into reality. Technology is here; we will grasp it and start using it. We have already revolutionized mountain bike geometry, materials, and manufacturing; the next mission is to revolutionize distribution. All that Pole has done previously has led to more customer flexibility and options. Since we started, we have searched for digital solutions to help our business become more agile. CNC-machining is one of them.

Our goal is to offer the best value-for-money product on the market. Also, we will be the company with less ecological impact, using a significant amount of recycled materials. We will focus more on working with companies that think alike and are willing to change their processes to be more sustainable.

Everyone is welcome

I will share our journey regularly, and you can discuss this on our Facebook group. I have also started sharing my insights on my TikTok account.

Leo Kokkonen
Founder, CEO