How to buy a Pole bike

Buying a Pole is simple. Choose the size best for your height (see sizing chart), choose the build option that suits your budget and style, choose the color or finishing…

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Voima Production Ramps Up!

Just before Christmas, the first-ever Voima frameset in K2 was produced and hand-delivered to our customer. Today, production ramps up another level. The billet is ready, the machines are running…

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Pole Voima e-bike

Voima FAQ’s

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that might help with that burning inquiry you have. “What is the frame warranty on the Voima? And what warranty is offered on…

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Unique Pole Stamina Technology

Stamina is a fully bonded, patent-pending frame structure, that’s unique to the mountain bike industry. We chose a frame material that is used in aerospace technology and innovated a totally new…

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CEO resigns, Pole changes

The CEO of Pole Bicycle Company Oy, Lauri Hulkkonen, resigns after three years of service. This significant change is for us to evolve as a company. We want our service and customer experience to meet better with our philosophy and values. Pole will continue as an owner-managed company, as Leo Kokkonen takes the leading role. The resignation process started in early August and takes effect starting today, 30th of October 2020.

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Pole takes action to Coronavirus

A small company like us is dependent on monthly sales income that keeps us going. Due to the current situation, we don’t have resources to run with full-service capacity, so there not be able to answer every call or email.

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Pole Philosophy

Pole wants to create the fastest, most striking, and most thoughtfully designed machines. Pole is the ultimate expression of what we can do today. Our bikes are the ultimate expression…

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