Boost Brothers

The BOOST (148mm) rear hub standard has been around for a while, and we are convinced about it. Also, we know that people still have 142 wheels. Therefore we designed an intelligent system which allows the user to choose which standard they want to use.

What is Boost and we need it?

Boost is the latest axle platform for mountain bike frames and suspension forks. Hubs on mountain bikes have been for years 142mm on the rear and 100mm on the front, what Boost does is it widens the rear axle by 6mm and the front axle by 10mm, so you end up with a 148 rear and 110 front hubs. We at Pole are very much on board with this standard because of its advantages and improvements it offers you, the rider.

What are the advantages of using Boost?

The most significant advantage of using Boost is that it allows for the hub flange (the part where the spokes are attached) to be wider, this, in turn, changes the angle of the spokes allowing for a stronger and stiffer wheel to be built. Creating a stiffer wheel provides for a more controlled ride by reducing wheel flex and increasing the stability. Today 29” wheels running a 148 hub offer the same stiffness as a 650b wheel on a 142mm hub.

The next significant advantage of the wider hub is that it allows for frame chainstays and forks to be made wider. Wider means that we have been able to create more space for the tire in the chainstay area enabling the use of wider tires while improving the mud clearance. The frame can be used with a 29er wheel or with a 650b plus offering a vast range of possibilities and the ability to run wider tires. The 1.3 Pole EVOLINK can be fitted even 3” wide 29” tires.

By using Boost we have also been able to increase the stiffness of our frames. This stiffness allows for less loss of energy. When you are putting down the power, it is transferred right into where it is needed, making you faster while keeping you in control.

Boost forks

The advantage of having a Boost fork on your bike shares a lot of the same values as the frame. The wheel stiffness and mud clearance are much improved. Using a boost fork allows for a 650b plus-sized tire (about 3” in size) to be used or a 29er wheel.

Overall the advantages of Boost can be broken down to;

  • Wheel stiffness is increased
  • Frame stiffness is also increased
  • Greater precision and control
  • Improved mud clearance on the frame and forks
  • Bigger choice of chainrings

What are Boost Brothers?

Boost does offer a lot of advantages over using a 142 rear wheel, but what if you got a perfectly good set of 142 wheels? We have come up with an ingeniously simple solution. We have developed frame adapters for each standard, they don’t compromise on stiffness, and there is not a complicated bolt-on system. The system comes with simple adaptors that allow the frame to be switched between 142mm and 148mm. Simply replace the derailleur hanger on the drive side. The non-drive side comes with an adapter that presses into the frame and two 3mm washers for the I.S. brake mount. Simple!

What do we think of Boost?

We at Pole put in a lot of km’s riding and testing our bikes, we have taken feedback from our ambassadors all around the world, and everyone agrees that Boost is absolutely the way to go. The advantages of Boost are so obvious and allow us to achieve more excellent results when designing our bikes. We can go out and push our bikes harder and not have to worry about things like mud clearance, and we can just concentrate on our riding experience knowing that the performance of the bike is allowing us unlimited freedom.