Simple. Choose the size that is pointed for your body height at the geometry table, choose the build option that suits your budget and style, choose the color or finishing and then put the product to the shopping cart.

We ship worldwide and have a worldwide guarantee

We ship worldwide with DHL. If we have the bike in stock, you will be shredding in no time, and when you purchase the Pole bike, you will get to benefit the Scandinavian consumer privileges. In Finland, the laws protect our customers that we are responsible for a lifetime warranty for the frame (liability for defects).

Want to pay in parts

In Scandinavia, our partners can offer credit for even more significant purchases. We are working to get similar partners in other locations as well.

We want to give you the best advice and experience

Buying a bike should be a pleasurable experience. You have put in hours of checking reviews, reading websites, test riding bikes and getting people’s opinions, so now it’s time to bite the bullet and get the bike of your dreams. You have worked hard and drooled over getting a new bike, and it is our personal goal to deliver the best possible product and service. We will personally strive to provide you with the best possible individual service. Please feel free to contact us; there is no such thing as a stupid question for us. We are serious when it comes to mountain bikes. When we are not working on bringing you the best possible bike in the world, we are thinking of when is the next time we will get to ride our Pole bikes.

When it comes to selling our bikes, we want to make sure that you get the right bike for the right type of riding that you do. If you are not sure what you need, you can contact us for help, advice and our expert opinion.


You have made that big decision, and now you want the bike of your dreams, the extension of your life. We have made it very easy for you to order that dream. From our secure Pole web store, you can select the bike or frame in the color and size of your choice, and we will send it directly to you anywhere in the world. When you receive your bike, you just put it together go out and hit the trails and know that you have just bought the best bike in your life ever.

Payment options

Purchases made on the Pole Online Store are paid through a secure gateway provided by Verifone. After completing the purchase, you need to follow the instructions given by Verifone. When the payment has been confirmed, the order will be processed.

Delivery options

We ship orders daily from our Jyväskylä central warehouse. Shipments in Finland are shipped by Matkahuolto. Shipments outside of Finland depends on customers choice of delivery method. All our shipments go straight to our warehouse and are followed by barcode or other tracking method provided by the forwarder. Because of shipment tracking, the customer can track the location of the shipment at all times. Shipments outside of Finland will be delivered directly to the customer address. Delivery time depends on location and customers choice of delivery method. Cost of delivery abroad depends on location and delivery method. Bikes can also be picked up from Jyväskylä Showroom.

Our products in short


Would you like to go on epic adventures, explore, experience freedom? The Fatbike was designed for riding on snow, swamps, and sand. The fat bike was once catered to a narrow field of riders, but today it has become an everyday bike. It is not unusual to see a fat bike on your local trails or even at a bike park.

Evolink 140

If you are looking for one bike to do everything, then this is probably the best bet for you. Take this bike on your local trail and set some new KOM’s, next day take it to a bike park and do a day of uplift runs. Would you like to take part in some enduro races? With the 140 this bike can rule them all.  This bike wants to be pushed hard and if it could talk it would probably say something along the lines of “is that all you got, let’s do that again, but next time faster” Leo Kokkonen, the designer of Pole bikes chooses this bike from the EVOLINK series. Leo uses this bike to attack trails, uphill, downhill and to achieve podium finishes in enduro races. 

Evolink 158

Are you an enduro racer at heart? Do you like to go big? Do you see yourself as wanting to be the fastest guy down the mountain? Well, here you go, look no further! The 158 will do all of that and more, we guarantee with the 158 that you will be faster while staying in control. Beat all your mates, put a massive grin on your face, hi-five everyone around, holler like a wild animal because that’s what the Evolink 158 has been known to cause. Oh, and in case you want to ride up the mountain, we got that covered too, this bike will climb way better than it’s travel suggests and will out climb bikes with a lot less travel. (Link to bike)


Machine was our first CNC machined bike and started the new era for our bikes and the industry. Machine also won the Design & Innovation award back in 2019. The frame geometry follows Pole’s notoriously long and slack geometry with a steep seat tube for better climbing.

Stamina 140

Stamina 140 is made for the active and action-packed trails, fast descending and easy climbing. It is at its best on such trails and features that can be found from the loamy countryside of the UK, flowy needle tracks of the Scandinavia, endless dusty paths of California, 30-second ripper laps at the hill you might live next to, and the paths and tracks over bedrock, smoothened by the ice age. Stamina 140 is for riders with active style, wanting to get everything off the small features they ride by. It’s a perfect playmate on easier trails.

Stamina 180

The ultimate mountain bike. Stamina 180 is agile, forgiving and inspiring confidence. It feels like you have a magic carpet underneath you when you ride the trails with this beast. One would think that such a long travel bike has compromised the pedaling efficiency, but that is not the case here. We can say that Stamina 180 pedals extraordinary well flat and uphill and its amazing on technical climbs. We describe the bike unbelievable.


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