We proudly announce: Pole EVOLINK 140 is the winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2017!

The Design & Innovation Award is the most important award in the bike industry. The award is given in cooperation with ENDURO Mountainbike, E-MOUNTAINBIKE magazine and GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine. As well new perspectives from non-endemic brands were included in the discussions such as Nike, OMEGA and Mercedes.

How did they end up evaluating us? We met the guys from the ENDURO Mountainbike magazine at the Eurobike 2016 and they had their doubts about our geometry. After they tested the bike they asked if we would be interested to run for this award. Yes, of course we were.

“Only those who have the big picture in mind can do great things, evaluating products in their context and making well-informed recommendations.”

The process was rough for the award candidates. 16 full days in the field testing, discussing and spending hours in the workshop. The test team covers every aspect of the user experience with riders, designers and engineers. Not all of the products come back home in one piece. EVOLINK 140EN did.

“The Design & Innovation Award 2016 is a unique event with the clear mission to bring the international bicycle industry to the next level. We want to make the bicycle world better for all bikers, the industry and media landscape. We join forces with the most experienced journalists and opinion leaders in order to award the world’s best products for the next season and to make pioneering decisions.”



The review: “‘Point and shoot’ is one way to describe the super long Pole EVOLINK 140 EN, which rolls satisfyingly quickly in a straight line. Championing the latest thinking in geometry design, the EVOLINK 140 EN sports a mega long frame, relatively long chainstays, a very steep seat angle and a slack head angle. These add up to one of the most balanced handling packages around, while giving the rider tons of room to throw themselves around on the bike. The rear end design breaks new ground by using a concisely calibrated spring rate to deliver the optimal performance. The Pole simplifies the act of riding over burly ground: firstly by dishing out stability and confidence to less advanced riders; and secondly by giving ambitious riders a tool to unlock faster speeds. Essentially an outstanding bike that throws up questions about geometry standards – the Pole is a bike that everyone should ride!”





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