Peter Taylor, our latest add to our ambassador line up, is currently working for the Whistler Mountain Bike Park in Canada and he has his Evolink 140 as his companion. He rides his bike almost everyday in various circumstances but on the video he mentions 198 bike park laps during the 6 weeks, yes with a 29er. He introduces the bike and it’s damages. This was for sure an intensive test for the Pole frame. Only the components which are consumable parts(derailleur hanger, tyres etc.) were destroyed. Of course there is some hits and detrition in the rear triangle but if this is all, how far Evolink is going to take him? We will find out.

See Peter’s awesome youtube channel for other videos of the Man in van with no plan.


The bike survived this rather nasty crash also:

Bruise blog day 5 , matches the graffiti 😂 #maninavanwithnoplan #bfdt #evolink140 #trainwreck #bruise

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