Evolink 140 and Evolink 150 are bit different and made for bit different purposes. Yet both of the bikes might be the most versatile bikes on the market. They can be ridden in home trails with more XC oriented riding style, bike parks, enduro and even DH. There is a proof of Leo participating to a DH competition with Evolink 140 and placing as second. Evolink 150 ideal for bike parks with 27,5″ wheels and 160mm/150mm suspension but with tiny modifications it can be used as 29er aswell. Although offset bushings and an angle set could be handy. The 29er has it’s advantages, it rolls over technical terrain more easily because the attack angle is smaller than with 27,5″ and overall 29ers got more traction. Does the change from 27,5″ to 29″ effect the geometry? Not too radically.


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If you want more details about the Evolink 150 as 29er please contact us vie service@polebicycles.com


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