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Colour says a lot about who you are, express yourself with an Evolink in a colour that best matches you.

You can choose between the Evolink 110, 131,140 and 158 frameset with a Rock Shox Monarch (1995 € incl. VAT 24%) or a complete 140 or 158 EN (5200 € incl. VAT 24%)

Express yourself and order your own custom color Evolink:

Custom color Evolink 140

Custom color Evolink 158

Orders placed before the 12.12.2018 will have their custom evolink delivered in February 2019.

Colour options:

Actinium Pink
Electric Turquoise
Highway Grey
Hydrogen White
Jeans Blue
Krypton Blue
Lime Green
Pepper Red
Polar Blue
Pure Purple
Suomi 100
Taiga Yellow
Velvet Black
Zink Orange



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