Everyone who preordered our EVOLINK’s has got a message that our production got a few setbacks this year. All our customers will get their bikes as soon as we get them in Finland for assembly. The products will be delivered in the order of purchase. We have arranged the fastest shipment option for the first orders from Taiwan to Finland.

The reasons

We had to change our factory. Luckily we didn’t miss a lot of frame parts in the process, but the biggest issue was that we lost a lot of time in the transfer to the new factory. After some of our CNC parts and hydroformed tubes were delivered to our former factory and when we started asking them for a timetable, the factory informed that they don’t have resources for us. They were closing business. Our team found a new factory that took over our welding processes. The new factory has even higher standards than our previous so we needed to make original drawings and refine our jigs, and all this together took some extra time. We are grateful for the new factory as they took us on a fast lane to help us.

timeframe for delivery

We have a local agent in Taiwan who is supervising the process and will inform us on a daily basis. Currently, our factory is aligning the frames, and they will start heat treatment processes. After paint and decals, the frames are ready to go. The process takes weeks, and we hope that first customers will have their frames in May 2018.

Pole Bicycles is founded on the principle to make the best bikes in the world. What we believe is that not only the product itself is the key to our goal but the customer service should be the best as well. Thank you to everyone for patience.

For new EVOLINK purchases, we estimate that we will be on regular schedule and have all bikes in stock in late June.

If you have any questions, you can contact our service@polebicycles.com

-Leo Kokkonen, Founder


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