It’s our birthday! Pole is now five years!

Pole Bicycle Company was founded by Leo Kokkonen and Patric Wladimirov. We started Pole Bicycle Company five years ago with a concentric single pivot bike. The five years of innovation and breaking the rules of MTB has let us to a situation that we are getting a foothold as the leader of innovation in the mountain bike world. We have questioned the status quo in geometry, suspension, and manufacturing. We have been accused of marketing fluff and trying to create the extreme just because we want to be different. This is not true because we just create products that we like and value. Science is our friend in design, and we try to do our best to find the best ways to measure our success in the product development. Our first five years have been an era in mountain bike world as the breaking the rules, but now we are going to a different level. We have been quick on prototyping from the start, but now we are getting faster.

The Future

In the future, we will create more different products because we are free from the molds and the restrictions of the minimum quantities in orders. Our machined frame concept allows us to develop products without boundaries. The first five years we have been searching the most balanced bike to go up and down the mountain safer than before. Now the rest of the industry is moving in the same direction that we chose five years ago. Now that we have proved that the long and slack geometry works, so our next mission is to change how people think about suspension and travel. Also, we will create a lot of different bikes with more sizes so that everyone will find their favorite ride. We don’t need to think if it sells thousands because we can create one or two whenever people need them. Or we can create thousands of them. Our production scales up easily.

Pole is growing fast

We have hired several people this year to our customer service and production, and we keep hiring more people next year. Our annual turnover has doubled every year, and we just got a massive funding package for our growth. We have sold bikes to 37 different countries. We can ship a complete bike to almost any corner of the world within 48 hours. Our goal is to be the leading high-end mountain bike company. For our customers, the growth of our company means faster production times and better service, even higher quality and more products with the same philosophy.

Thank you for our customers!

Our Pole family is active, and we can see how much joy we have created to people around the world. Our forum on Facebook is lively, and it looks like we have a good thing going on together. Let’s continue and make the next season as fun as possible.

Thanks to our team!

We own a great thanks to our ambassadors, racers and our working people in Finland and Taiwan. You know who you are 😉