Finnish Enduro Series’ third event was held in Levi, in the Finnish Lapland. The competition was hosted by us, Pole Bicycle Company. Levi is the biggest skiing center. During the short but bright Finnish summer Levi converts into a bike park.

Early on the Wednesday morning we packed or better we stuffed the car and the trailer and started the 1000km journey. We arrived to Levi in the evening. We faced little adventurous challenge to find a gas station in the middle of the Lapland wilderness, amateurs.

Thursday, was the practice day, a day before the competition itself starts. Leo, Juhani & Kaisa started the day with the first two stages, they climbed up them, studied the trails well and rode them back. On the afternoon a thunderstorm rose and the lifts were shut down for few hours but they were open for few hours longer in the evening because shutling wasn’t allowed. After a long day riding, shooting, demoing our bikes everybody were very tired but when you are above the Polar circle we have to take the most out of it and its nature. During the midsummer the Sun doesn’t go down at all and now by the end of July it goes only a bit under the horizon what makes the sky flaming red.

Before the race started on Friday evening all the stages were open for free practice. Juhani liked that the bike park stages were in good shape and the fresh trails will give a nice twist by changing through out the contest. “Levi has fast profiles, not too much pedaling and unnecessary braking.”

The first three stages were in the Kätkä fjeld which is over 500 meter above sea level. These stages wasn’t lift assisted and the first transition was though. The other stages were in the Levi fjeld in the bike park.

Kaisa at the end of Kätkä stages.

Juniors didn’t ride on Friday, they rode only the stages 1-8 on Saturday. Onni was little disappointed that they didn’t race the 9th stage either, it was his favourite of them all because it is the most extreme and fastest. Of course Onni had to ride it after all the competitors, clean and fast.

Pole was successful in the competition. Onni won the Juniors serie with 28:17:00 and the second was over two minutes behind.

Juhani’s time was 37:44:00 which was + 0:29:00 to the first rider and Leo placed as 14th with 39:46:00.

Leo at the last stage.

Kaisa took the second place with 45:28:00.

Teemu’s time was 40:01:00 and he placed as second as well.

Lauri our newest add to the team was riding first time his new Pole Pika+ in the hardtail serie and he won it with the time of 42:55:00.

Pole’s team of course won the over all team competition. Onni’s little brother on the front, next rising star.

Also other Pole riders were placed: Valtteri Turkki in young with a time 45:33:00 and Sami Haapanen in Men’s 40+ with 44:46:00.

Pole rider Niko Laine passes previous rider from the outside, with a respectable speed!

See all the pictures from the race on our Facebook page and find yourself!

We spent whole Sunday in car, traveling back home. Office on wheels working with four computers and a driver almost for the whole 10 hours. Thank you all organizers and Levi bike park, it was a great weekend with great atmosphere of a genuine sports event. Today we are already planning already our next steps and next trips.


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