New shock & complete options for the Evolink 140 & Evolink 158

Our new shock option for Evolink 140 & 158 makes it possible to get a coil instead of air shock at a more affordable price than before – Just add 100€ more to the budget and you got yourself a  Cane Creek Inline coil shock – spring included!

If you want a reliable shock that noticeably increases performance in terms of grip and control, is great value and light enough for even short travel trail bikes though; this DB InLine will make a brilliant upgrade. – Mick Kirkman, MBR

Cane Creek DBcoil IL

The new CC DBcoil IL shock is the first twin-tube inline coil shock that has no external piggyback on it, making it lighter in weight and sleeker in looks. You can fit a water bottle to the frame without a problem when there is no piggyback. The shock has a climb switch, and it can be adjusted in 4 ways: LSC, HSC, HSR. The spring is VALT® spring, and the total shock weight is ~285g depending on the spring size selected. This shock makes a great coil alternative for the EVOLINK 140.

This shock option is now available within a frameset or the new complete bike build, codename RT.

Cane Creek DBcoil CS

Some years back, CC DBcoil was introduced as the world’s first enduro-specific coil shock for longer travel bikes with a Climb Switch (hence the “CS”) and then gained a rock-solid foothold amongst the riders. The reason we decided to go with the heavy-duty CC coil shock option instead of the lighter IL model, is that it fits the EVOLINK 158s’ all-rounder purpose better. The CC DBcoil CS weights around ~454 grams without the spring, it has the HSC, LSC, LSR & HSR adjustments, and it looks hot dang cool with it’s anodized and laser-etched finishing!

This shock option is now available within a frameset or the new complete EVOLINK 158 bike build, codename BP.

Ready to be ordered

These new builds and framesets are ready to be ordered in Velvet Black, Polar Blue, Taiga Yellow, Pepper Red and any special color left in the stock.

Evolink 158

  • Complete BP Coil
  • Frameset, DB Coil


Pole EVOLINK 140 RT full-suspension mountainbike from the side, Polar Blue color

Evolink 140

  • Complete RT Coil
  • Frameset, DB Coil

Evolink 140

Interested in more about shocks and their differences?

We wrote about this very same subject when we published the EXT Storia models with EN builds. You can read it from here: Pole framesets and EN goes EXT

The performance difference between the modern shocks is very small. The main difference is that how the shock behaves in the frame you install it. Does the shock have appropriate damping curve and characteristics that support the frame kinematics? And here comes the part that is the most difficult to understand: The leverage ratio of the frame controls the shaft SPEED and how much force you need to put (and in which part of the travel) into the system so that it compresses.

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