Onni Rainio is Pole Bikes youngest ambassador. He is only 15 years old but he has won both the Finnish championship in downhill and enduro. This year he was totally unbeaten when it came to enduro races and won the juniors series with full
points. Onni races the Evolink 150 27,5″ for enduro and in DH he flies on his Evolink 176. When you first meet Onni you see a skinny kid who doesn’t make a lot of noise, but put him on a bike and all that changes. Onni has a style of riding that most kids his age don’t have, he has the ability to make his bike flow like silk down a hill. Onni’s exciting, explosive and effortless style of riding make him such a joy to watch riding.

“At first it takes time to get use to the new school geometry bikes. When you get the hang of it, you become fast and thats when the fun begins.”

Onni comes from Jyväskylä, the birth place of Pole Bicycles. He discovered mountain biking seven years ago when he put his motor bike to the side and started to pedal. The local bikepark of Laajavuori is his where he cut his teeth putting in long days of riding. Next year Onni plans to race the IXS DH Cup. Onni rides very carefully, his style is clean and fast which can be noticed from the competition results.

Onnis future plans is to participate in to the Enduro World Series Qualifier competitions but his real dream is to race the Downhill World Cup. It’s a big dream for a boy coming from flat country like Finland, but the dream is possible since he is a such a talented rider, hard worker and he has great support around him.

The whole Pole team is standing behind Onni. He is training with Leo and other more experienced Pole riders. “There is always a group of Pole riders in every competition who support me. I get good riding tips from the more experienced riders and if I have any technical issues there is always somebody to help me.”



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