Sappee Bike Fest was held last weekend 20.7-23.7.2017. Pole was there presented very conspicuously with a tent, wide line up of demo bikes, staff and riders.

The fest started on Friday 21st of July. It was the practice day, a day before the enduro race. We arrived to Sappee Bike Park around 11 am and the first test ride took off immediately. The demo bikes were punishing the bike park on Friday & Saturday all day long and lots of smiles spotted from the demo drivers’ faces. Old friends and rookies are introduced to the scene in here every year, it is like the Sea Otter of Finland.

On Saturday there was the enduro race, Juhani participated of coure in the men’s elite and Kaisa to women’s serie. They both placed on second places. This race wasn’t part of the Finnish National Series. Also the downhill riders arrived to Sappee on Saturday, because there was the Finnish National Finals on Sunday on which Leo planned to take part.

Kaisa on stage 2.

On Sunday the day starts with a practice of the DH race. Leo wasn’t sure which bike he would take to the race. He had to choose between the Evolink 140 and Pole’s DH bike Evolink 176. Leo timed both bikes and the difference wasn’t big. He decided to race with the 29er because it rolls on effortless where 27,5″ could get tacky. Leo hasn’t ridden DH this year at all and he felt more comfortable with his enduro bike. Even though longer suspension on the Evolink 176 had it’s benefits on the DH track.

Leo had bit trouble with tires on the qualification round. He crashed in to a birch but he was able to continue right away. The race itself went really smoothly and he placed as second in the men’s 30+ serie with +0:00.04 clearance to the first. It surely was a tight race and point outs how versatile bike Evolink 140 is. Second place on DH Finnish Nationals with an enduro bike, not bad.

Onni rode really smoothly in the men 16 serie and with a good speed. He had his Evolink 176 as a partner in crime. Onni finished the race as well to the second place with 0:56,61, +0:00,20. In men’s elite he would have placed as third.

In conclusion the weekend was perfect. Good weather, uplifting spirit and the bike park was is excellent condition. Thank you Sappee! Now it is the morning of a practice day of the Sportax Enduro Series Levi, the third round of the Finnish championships. Riders are in the trails and I am about take my camera out in to this beautiful nature with Pole’s bicycles.



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