Since the start of our company, we have always aimed for a business that helps our customers. We have dreamed that we could cycle the bikes through us and give a longer lifespan to our products. The EVOLINK geometry and kinematics are still relevant, and the bike performs great, but sometimes you want more. Now we offer our customers a chance to swap their EVOLINK or Machine frames to Stamina.

How does the swap work?

First, you need an offer from Pole. To get an offer of your frame, contact our customer service@polebicycles.com with your EVOLINK information. For calculating the price for this offer we will need a description of the condition of the frame and the rear shock. Also, we need good photos of the frame including the following:

Disclaimer: If the frame is found to be more badly damaged than described we will need to recalculate the swap price according to the re-evaluated condition of the frame.

  • frame serial number
  • shock serial number
  • photos
    • both sides sides
    • insides of the swingarm
    • downtube
    • bb
    • Shock
    • any marks of wear or flaws that are visible
  • Swap target
    • Size
    • Model

Want a buy a second-hand EVOLINK?

If you are interested in purchasing one, all you need to do is contact our customer service@polebicycles.com with the following info:

  • Wanted Size
  • Wanted Model
  • Preferred color (if it matters)

After we get your message, we will put you on a list and contact you as soon as we get a frame matching your request.

Stamina’s are now shipping

Stamina’s are now rolling out from the factory to their new and proud owners that are making history with us once again. Stamina is more efficient, more agile, and it gives you more laps.

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