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Here we try to gather service instructions and other detailed information to all you DIY home mechanics. These instructions require special skills and tools so if you are not confident about doing the service by your self, please contact your local service provider.

4.Quick guide for oxidation removal from the raw aluminum frame #

The Pole Bicycle frames – the Stamina and the Machine – with raw aluminum finishes maintain their appearance best when washed regularly with fresh, sweet water, preferably after every ride. Don’t leave the bike outside in rain or in high humidity overnight or for long periods of time. Store the bike in well ventilated and dry conditions.

Note! Do not consider applying any surface treatment to the frame such as anodizing, powder coat paint, Cerakote, etc. Applying any surface treatment might damage the bonding of the frame which might lead to premature failure not covered by warranty. For example, the acid bath involved in anodizing will have adverse effects on the glue used in the bonding as do the high temperatures that are part of the powder coat process.

Follow the instructions described below to keep your Pole Bicycles frame in good condition. The process described has been developed by ourselves. This is an abrasive method to remove the oxidation. Proceed with caution and remember that you are REMOVING MATERIAL from a thin-walled tube. If you do this often, too large area or remove too much material, you are risking the frame construction. If you don’t know what you are doing, please leave this to professionals. Pole is not responsible for the outcome and THIS OPERATION MIGHT VOID WARRANTY.

List of things you need:

  • Norton F2504 Beartex Hands Pads or similar
  • Tissue paper
  • Isopropyl alcohol or brake cleaner
  • Well ventilated place to work
  • TIME!


Steps for the project:

  1. For this purpose, disassemble the bike from other parts if needed. It’s best to take out cabling etc, so you can work freely.
  2. Remember to use protective gear (safety glasses and gloves) and do this project in a well-ventilated place.
  3. Sand off the corroded spot from the frame with light pressure on the pad.
  4. Feather off some oxidation around the corroded part.
  5. Clean the surface with alcohol and tissues
  6. Wait one week (seven days) until riding the bike.


Things you should not do:

  • Don’t sand off material too often. Once in the season is ok.
  • Don’t treat the whole frame
  • Don’t emove too much material. Just lightly on the surface
  • Don’t use any machines to do this operation
  • Don’t do this outside
  • Don’t do this in high humidity
  • Don’t touch the frame with bare hands
  • Don’t use tap water within one week to clean the frame
  • Don’t ride the frame for one week after doing this


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Last updated on 14.12.2020

5.EXT Coil replacement #

Before disassembly, we recommend that you write down your shock settings (how many clicks from open to close).


1. Use 2.0mm Allen key to remove the Rebound adjusting screw
2. Use 3.0mm Allen key to loosen the spring preload
3. Unscrew the preload plate and move the spring towards the top of the shock.
4. Move the lower shock plate toward the spring. Remove the lock ring. You should be able to remove the lock ring without tools but if it seems to be too tight use some thin plastic or metallic tool to help and avoid harming the shock.
5. Slide the lower shock plate towards the end of the shock and remove it.
6. Now you should be able to slide the spring also of from the shock.


1. Slide spring in so that it’ll connect to the upper spring plate.
2. Slide the lower spring plate to its place
3. Slide the lock ring back to its place
4. Preload the spring. When the spring is contacting the upper spring plate (preload plate), turn by hand max 2 turns (max 2mm). Look that the 3mm hex screw is matching one of the body grooves. Tighten the 3mm hex screw.
5. Put the rebound knob back to its place and use 2mm Allen key to tighten the knob.

If you did write your settings down before disassembly now you can readjust/recheck that you have the same settings than before the spring swap.

You can also find EXT owner and service manual from here.

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Last updated on 19.3.2019
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