Pole Online Store is an marketplace administrated by Pole Bicycle Company Oy. Pole Bicycle Company Oy, Jyvaskyla, Finland (VAT FI25731117) operates as an vendor of the commodities. Pole Bicycle Company Oy administrates also the Showroom located in Jyvaskyla, Finland. Following terms of agreement are applied between Pole Bicycle Company Oy and it’s customers in the case of commodity sale. In the case, when Pole Bicycle Company Oy distributes third party commodities, third party’s terms of agreement are applied in addition to consumer protection law.


Pole Bicycle Company Oy sells commodities and services to adult private person (later consumer) and with approval of guardian also for consumer under age of 18 years. Commodities are also sold for businesses and corporations (later business customer), which purchases commodities for professional and/or retail use in Europe. Valid Finnish and European Union consumer protection legislation is obeyed in consumer sales. If these terms restricts consumers rights which compulsory legislation determines, at that part these terms of agreement are not valid. Finnish commercial law is apllied in the business agreement between business customer and Pole Bicycle Company Oy unless these terms of agreement says otherwise. When making an order, customer is obligated to give their complete contact information. From consumer it contains at least first name, last name, address and phone number and possible email address. From business customer required informations are contact persons first name and last name, phone number, email address and company VAT number, postal address, phone number and billing address. Privacy protection: Customers information is stored to Pole Bicycle Company Oy’s customer register. Customer register is been used to maintain and manage customer relationship. Pole Bicycle Company Oy has right to handle and hand over the information held in register, for justifiable cause (like direct marketing) in accordance with Personal Data Act (523/99). Personal Data Act compatible privacy policy is legible in Pole Bicycle Company Oy, Konttisentie 8 (Door E3), 40800 Vaajakoski,Finland. Customer is allowed to deny their information to be used for marketing purposes. Customer can review their information by apllying written and signed request by mail to: Pole Bicycle Company Oy, Konttisentie 8 (Door E3), 40800 Vaajakoski,Finland. Complete privacy policy


Prices include VAT. Assembly and transportation is excluded from the price unless otherwise mentioned. If there is obvious pricing mistakes in the price list, products won’t be sold in clearly lower price, if it can be clearly assumed that the customer has understand that there is a mistake. If the price of the product rises before handling the shipment, products which has been ordered from Pole Bicycle Company Oy, will be delivered at the original price. If order is changed, the price will be determined by the valid price of the time of change. If the price lowers the products will be delivered by the cheaper price automatically. Pole Bicycle Company Oy reserves the right to sell the products in exceptionally large quantities. Pole Online Store won’t sell the products for retail purposes. Products, which has been produced or customized by customers request, won’t be given the same cancellation rights. All the possible costs will be collected from the customer in the case of cancellation.

Payment methods

The products and applicable shipping fees will be paid when placing the order. The following payment methods are accepted: Finnish online banks (Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, Aktia, POP Bank, Säästöpankit, OmaSäästöpankki, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki, Ålandsbanken), credit/debit cards and Collector invoice/installment. Payments are handled by Paytrail Oyj.

Payment service provider

Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) is a collecting payment service provider and an authorized payment institution that works in cooperation with Finnish bank and credit institutions. Paytrail Plc is shown as the payment recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.

Paytrail Plc, business ID 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181 830


We deliver shipments daily from our Jyvaskyla main warehouse. Shipments in Finland are shipped thru Finnish Matkahuolto. Shipments abroad Finland, forwarder depends on customers customers choice of delivery method. All our shipments goes straight to our warehouse and are followed by barcode or other tracking method provided by forwarder. Because of the shipment tracking, customer is able to follow the shipments location when ever. Shipments to abroad Finland will be delivered usually to consignee so customer doesn’t need to pick up the delivery by himself. Delivery time depends on location and customers choice of delivery method. Cost of delivery abroad depends on location and delivery method. Bicycle can also be picked up from Jyvaskyla Showroom. If necessary, bicycle can be assembled together with the customer. This provides a good information and knowledge about your bicycle. Assembly together needs to be agreed seperately with the Showroom.

Shipping, duties and taxes


According to Finnish consumer protection law, customer has 14 days exchange and return right for the purchases made in Pole Online Store. Exchange and return period starts from the day customer receives the shipment. Before return, customer has to contact Pole Bicycle Company Oy customer service by email, by phone or by written letter. Customer has to return the product according the return instructions given by Pole Bicycle Company Oy. If product is returned aggainst the instructions, the right to return the product might abate and Pole Bicycle Company Oy is not responsible to accept the return. Return policy applies only still sellable products. If product is installed to an bicycle or otherwise utilised so that it can not be held as an sellable, customers return right abates. NB! Products, which has been produced or customized by customers request, won’t be given the same return rights. If the bicycle is ordered as an custom buildup and returned, if it affects Pole Bicycle Company Oy posibilities to sell it onwards or affects sales price, Pole Bicycle Company Oy may abate the right of return. Information attached to return:

  • Order number
  • Name, address, email address and phone number
  • Bank account number
  • Copy of the order confirmation


Return address Pole Bicycle Company Oy, Konttisentie 8 (Door E3), 40800 Vaajakoski,Finland. Pole Bicycle Company Oy won’t receive returns after 14 days of delivery date. When return has been accepted, money will be returned to customers bank account, after receiving and handling the return. Pole Bicycle Company Oy is obligated by law to return the money after 30 days of receiving of return.


Warranty is determined by the manufacturers warranty policies. Customer is obligated to read and accept the warranty policy before using the product. Warranty policy can be found for user manual, separete warranty form or manufacturer pointed internet address. If the product is damaged or lost in transportation or if customer has received a wrong product, customer is obligated to inform about it immediatelly by email to service@polebicycles.com or by phone +358 (0)50 434 6910. Notification about the wrong shipment or damaged product needs to made in 14 days after receiving the product. Place of service is determined in manufacturers or importers warranty policy. Pole Bicycle Company Oy guides it’s customers to contact straight to manufacturer or it’s represantative service provider. Customer is also able to deliver the product to service thru Pole Bicycle Company Oy. Pole Bicycle Company Oy believes that customer is awere about the longer service lead time because of the logistics, if product is deliverd to service thru Pole Bicycle Company Oy. Estimated service lead time in service made in Finland is between 10 to 15 business days. Products which needs to be send to abroad for service has a longer service lead time, estimated between 10 to 20 business days. Costs of the unnecessary warranty service will be collected from the customer as a whole. Pole Bicycle Company Oy is not responsible for the malfuctions or damages caused by user. Right to inspect the nature of the damage or quality remains in Pole Bicycle Company Oy also when the product is returned.  Unncessary service costs contains possible service providers costs, Pole Bicycle Company Oy handling costs and logistic costs. Configuration assembled by customer or third party will be trouble shooted by cost mantioned in the price list, if the malfunction is in the product which isn’t delivered by Pole Bicycle Company Oy. If there is an compatibility error between product purchased and with accessory installed by customer. Pole Bicycle Company Oy won’t see it as an defect, unless customer has informed about the need of compatibility at the moment of purchase. Disassembly of the product for modification etc. ends the warranty and the material responsibility mentioned in law unless manufacturer has otherwise informed.

Warranty policy


Customer is obligated to submit the proof of purchase, receipt or other proof of purchase location and the date of purchase, when making the warranty claim or making the return of the product. Pole Bicycle Company Oy helds the right to claim the costs of the search of an receipt from the customer. Only written warranty claims are handled. Informal warranty claim can be delivered by email to address service@polebicycles.com or in written letter to Showroom in Jyvaskyla Finland. Customer is able to give feedback from the customer service on Pole Bicycle Company Oy web page. Warranty claim administrators works straight under supervision of the management. Administrators consults management in the warranty cases if needed. Solving disagreement and venue: Consumer has a right to bring disagreements to be solved in the board of consumer disagreement. Customer can file an claim about the controversy towards Pole Bicycle Company Oy at Pole Bicycle Company Oy’s domicile district court or in the nearest district court to customer. If customer doesn’t have residence in Finland the controversy is handled at Pole Bicycle Company Oy’s domicile district court. Attorney costs won’t be covered because consumer guidance and consumer controversy board will provide help free of charge.


Service orders doesn’t have cancellation or return policy. If the work has been started all the due costs will be charged, if customer cancels the order after order confirmation has been send. Pole Bicycle Company Oy has the right to charge additional costs after agreeing the original price if the change has been made by customer. This kind of changes are, missing information or material, correction of the agreed material or changes made after the work has been started or delay caused by customer. Customer is responsible about possible additional transportation and packagin costs. If there is an reason for additional costs mentioned above, Pole Bicycle Company Oy will inform customer without any delays. If there has been some mistake in the original material of the order and order has been delivered, Pole Bicycle Company Oy won’t see it as their fault unless it has been writtenly agreed. Customer is responsible in the case of ambiguous mistake.

Pole Bicycle Company Oy helds the right to correct the mistake. According to evaluated caracter and quality of the mistake, mistake will be corrected by granting a reasonable discount or delivering a new product. Compansation from the mistake in any case is at the most the amount of the order. Pole Bicycle Company Oy is not responsible about the direct or indirect accident or loss of earnings which is an result of the mistake.


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