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What does it take to conquer the muddiest paths and snowiest mountains with a bike? It takes character and fat tires. With this bundle on your fattie, you are ready for the challenge.

Included in the package:

2 x VeeTire Co. SNOW SHOE 2XL tires, 26 x 5.05”



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FAT BIKE | SNOW SHOE 2XL 5.05″ (pair)

Don’t sit inside looking out the window at the bad weather. Get out and ride now! Give your fat bike a pair of these amazing Snow Shoe’s in bigger than average 5.05″. Even in the most extreme of conditions you’re going to love it!

The Vee Tire Co, Snow Shoe 2XL was the first-ever bicycle tire that measured over 5in in width and this meaty fat bike tire is still the best option for riding in extreme conditions. The 2XL is for riders taking on the tundra, railing sandy dunes and crawling up rock-strewn trails.

SIZE: 26 × 5.05
TPI: 120
Tubeless READY: YES
PSI: 8 – 20 (0,6 – 1,4 bar)
WEIGHT): 1975g



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