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E for E-bike or Enduro

The E-bike version of the Huck Norris is designed for heavier bikes like E-bikes or extreme trails. It also works with wide rim DH wheels, Enduro racers, or the rider looking for a little bit more protection.

VersionRecommended internal rim widthRecommended tire sizeRecommended useWeight 27.5″ 
E         34-45mm (1.34 – 1.77 inch)26″+ / 29″+ / 27.5″+  2.5-2.8″ tyreTrail, Enduro, Ebike~110g

The Huck Norris mission is to eliminate the fear of wheel and tire damage. We aim to put the rider’s mind at ease. Leaving you to concentrate on the ride and not worry about punctures or expensive carbon rim damage! Thank science there is a cure! Say ‘hello’ to Huck Norris

Read more on www.hucknorris.com

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