Stamina 160 Frameset – Rock Shox Super Deluxe Coil R

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4,850.00 3,911.29 exc Vat.

Estimated production lead time; 7-8 weeks
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Stamina 160 Frameset – Rock Shox Super Deluxe Coil R 4850 € (inc. VAT24%)

Frameset Components

Rear ShockRS Super Deluxe Coil R 230X65
CHAIN GUIDEabsolute black, DIRECT MOUNT – Included
Bash GuardIncluded
Chain SilencerSTFU

Other Frameset Shock options

Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate AirRS Super Deluxe ultimate 230×65

Note: If you order a coil shock, please include your weight or preferred spring rate into a comment field of the order at the checkout page. 

The Stamina 160 frameset with the Rock Shox Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil shock is the all-rounder frameset. The Super Deluxe Ultimate offers a consistent feel throughout the travel and is the perfect partner for hard-hitting trail rides and tough enduro stages.

From Bike Park laps to all-day trail rides with your riding pals, the Stamina 160 has stability and agility and will make you smile every time you ride.


On a bike with such progressive geometry, the question of best sizing is one that we get asked a lot. So, we decided to updated our size naming convention. Instead of S, M, L, and XL we’ve replaced it K1, K2, K3, and K4 (the K stands for Koko, which means size in Finnish)

Taking into consideration height crossovers, we have created a size chart matrix that not only covers the rider’s height but incorporates your riding style too. The result is a simple way for you to best choose the bike size to fit their needs – you’re welcome.

For example, if you are 182cm tall and prefer a bike for all-out speed, we would suggest the size K3. If you spend more time at the bike park or prefer a more agile riding style, take the size K2.

Pole Evolink 1.4 Size Chart

NEW Electrophoretic Lacquer Coating

We listened to our customers and the message was loud and clear: They want their RAW finished bikes to continue to look amazing for longer. We never want to cover the pure awesomeness of the CNC machined surface so we’ve created a unique and innovative surface treatment system for all Stamina frames.

Going Electric – This is NOT anodising

After extensive studying and testing, we chose to go with Electrophoretic Lacquering. Something you haven’t heard about before? That’s not surprising, because its use in the bike industry is unique and as far as we know, has never been done before. The coating system has a hard surface, is completely clear, and looks the same as the RAW finish.

Raising the Standard

Production at our new on-site surface treatment facility is now fully operational. All Stamina frames ordered from April 2021 will have the new clear coat Electrophoretic lacquer applied as a standard procedure. We call this Raw Clear.

Along with the standard Raw Clear lacquer with this new process, we can create colors too. Currently, we have True Gold and Storm Grey. True Gold and Storm Grey are available as an additional option and can be included on all stamina frames for a limited time.

If you’re wanting to add even more color combinations to your frame, we offer the same color options to all shock yokes and links on Stamina frames also.

As more colors are introduced in the future, the option to totally customize your Stamina frame will be endless.

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