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350.00 282.26 exc Vat.

This is where you choose a custom color option for a Voima E-bike frameset (True Gold or Storm Grey) This is NOT a Voima E-bike frameset or complete product


Electrophoretic Lacquer Coating with color options

We listened to our customers and the message was loud and clear: They want their RAW finished bikes to continue to look amazing for longer. Make your frame even more unique by choosing your favorite combination.

We never want to cover the pure awesomeness of the CNC machined surface so we’ve created a unique and innovative surface treatment system for all Voima frames.

Unique Frame Treatment Process

Your frame includes the Raw Clear option as standard at no extra charge. Here you can purchase an upgraded color for the entire frame. Currently, we have True Gold and Storm Grey. Frame Color pricing includes the same color for the links and yokes.

Custom cut and fitted frame protection tape is also included on all colored framesets as standard (True Gold and Storm Grey). Raw Clear frames do not come with protective tape. For more information, feel free to drop us an email at service@polebicycles.com.

Pole Stamina monocoque frame




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