Enduro magazine put together a test to see which bike would be the fastest enduro bike in the world. Want to find out how we did? Lets put it this way… the Evolink is FAST! Read the full story here!

For the test they included their choice of what they considered to be the fastest bikes “we not only tested the bikes extensively on different trails and long tours as we usually do, but also let them compete against each other on a race stage in Finale Ligure to see which could set the fastest time” The manufacturers were free to pimp the bikes however they wanted – an offer that brands like Canyon, SCOTT, and Specialized happily accepted, sending us heavily tuned bikes. Other manufacturers, such as Nukeproof, Pole, Lapierre, Rocky Mountain, Santa Cruz, and YT reckoned their stock bikes were good as is.

The guys at Enduro magazine put the bikes together in a head to head race in Pino Morto trail in Finale Ligure. The track “includes everything that makes for a challenging race day: rock gardens, turns, flat sections, compressions, small jumps – all packed into a trail dropping 170 meters over one kilometre. A harder and longer test track might at first seem better to test the speed of a bike, but then the risk of rider errors would increase, and the rider’s fatigue would affect the results too much.”

“In the end, of all bikes, three proved to be consistently the fastest” and guess what? Our Pole Evolink 140 was right up there!

The fastest enduro bike of 2018
The Santa Cruz Hightower LT led by an incredibly small margin of 0.3 s against the radical Pole EVOLINK 140 29. The latter especially impressed all testers with its outstanding performance.

1Santa Cruz00:01:49:50
10Rocky Mountain00:01:56:17

What did the guys think of our bike?

“If you believe the preconceptions, the Pole shouldn’t have been very fast on our test track. Especially the narrow sections, where this monster would have been stopped in its tracks. Also, the extreme geometry would have required hours of getting used to – but far from it. “Get on and feel at home” is the motto.”

But saying that, imagine what results the guys could achieve with more riding time on the Pole, considering that our geometry is so different than all of the other bikes on test.

“The wheelbase ensures maximum stability, and the long chainstays distribute the rider’s weight evenly. Which becomes especially evident on open curves. Without having to shift their weight, all our testers had enough pressure on the front wheel. Even very tight turns can be mastered with the pole”


  • there is no trail too hard for this bike
  • tremendous stability
  • very well balanced weight distribution


“The Pole will glide through the most ferocious rock gardens like on rails and still manage to manoeuvre through tight sections!”

Chicken dinners?

So there you go we didn’t win the overall race but we are the fastest aluminium bike in the world! (imagine if everyone was on an aluminium frame) Coming second is quite a big result considering that the Pole Evolink was over two kilos heavier than the winner. (Just wait until the new Machine comes out) We may not have made it to the top of the table to indulge in barnyard foul but we defiantly weren’t left fighting for scraps from the floor either.

Beating some of the biggest and well-known brands in the world makes us feel proud that we are doing things right.

Our bike may be fast but it is just one of the many elements and strengths that make the Pole Evolink a true superbike.

Read the full story here!


“‘Point and shoot’ is one way to describe the super long Pole EVOLINK 140 EN, which rolls satisfyingly quickly in a straight line. Championing the latest thinking in geometry design, the EVOLINK 140 EN sports a mega long frame, relatively long chainstays, a very steep seat angle and a slack head angle. These add up to one of the most balanced handling packages around, while giving the rider tons of room to throw themselves around on the bike. The rear end design breaks new ground by using a concisely calibrated spring rate to deliver the optimal performance. The Pole simplifies the act of riding over burly ground: firstly by dishing out stability and confidence to less advanced riders; and secondly by giving ambitious riders a tool to unlock faster speeds. Essentially an outstanding bike that throws up questions about geometry standards – the Pole is a bike that everyone should ride!”



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