There is nothing more satisfying than blasting around on a bike that fits you perfectly. Such a bike becomes an extension of your body, so it’s really worth putting in some effort to find the bike that fits you best.

Pole bikes have been noted for our long and slack geometry and that is just one of the elements that will make riding a Pole a unique experience. We have done extensive testing and riding of our bikes in many different situations, this experience has allowed us to perfect our design and deliver what we consider to be the best bike in the world, right down to the sizing. With the right size Pole bike, you will ride with confidence and be inspired to tackle more technical and challenging trials every time you go ride.

How our bikes are sized

We have kept it simple and our bikes come in four sizes that cover riders from 160cm to 200cm. (Edit. Please note, that for Taival the sizing scale is wider.)

  • If you are between 160 and 170 cm we recommend the S (small) size
  • 170 to 180cm  riders should choose the M (Medium) size
  • People between 180 and 190 cm would be best suited to the L (Large) size
  • Taller riders between 190 and 200 cm, XL (Extra large) size would be best for their needs.

Everybody is different, some people have longer legs or arms than people of a similar height. So, therefore, factors can come into play when choosing the right frame size such as:

  • Handlebar width
  • Stem length
  • Seat positioning
  • Crank arm length

When choosing a Pole bike you will notice that we are longer and slacker than other bikes, we recommend that you stick to our guidelines when choosing a bike. Our bikes designed so that the rider stands with less effort in a neutral position, arms and legs slightly bent, between the axles. This neutral position provides a very balanced stable ride with rider input transferred to the right places offering exceptional responsive control and grip.

Effective top tube, ETT

Effective top tube (ETT) describes the horizontal distance between the head tube and the seat tube. If you are a rider with long legs and short back or arms and you feel you are between sizes then it is advised to take the smaller size so that you get the maximum benefit from the bike. If you are in between sizes, you can just move the saddle forward or backwards or change the handlebars width and/or height. Also, you can change the stem length. Recommended stem lengths are between 30mm to 60mm.


Reach is the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the head tube in a horizontal line.

Just like the ETT above this refers to the length. The reach position concentrates more on where the rider stands over the bottom bracket. The position can be fine-tuned by, changing the stem to shorter or longer one and handlebar height can be modified up or down to give you best feeling position or by changing the handlebar width.

Standover height

Standover height is the distance from the ground to the top of the top tube. Luckily Pole bikes have lots of standover height meaning that when you put your feet on the ground that there is still some room between you and the frame. Also, the standover height allows for increased control and manoeuvrability allowing you to tilt the frame between your legs when cornering and pedalling on a technical trail.   

Seat tube length

When out on the trails you should find a position that allows you to maximise the power while at the same time being able to spin the cranks efficiently. If your seat is too low you won’t be able to use your leg muscles to their potential. Having your saddle too high will cause your hips to rock from side to side on the saddle and will stretch your muscles out, causing you to waste energy. Another area to take into consideration is that you can consider having longer cranks like 175mm, or 165mm depending on your inseam length. The shorter 165mm crank gives you better ground clearance but decreases your telescopic saddle drop by 10mm compared to 175mm cranks which give you more seat tube length. For taller riders, you might want to choose pedals that have more offset from the bike center line (Q factor) to compensate the hip-width that is different for all riders.

Fine-tuning the build

There are lots of other factors that go into building the ultimate bike, for example, the choice of parts. To be more specific stem lengths, handlebar widths or crank and seat post lengths. We recommend wide handlebars of 780mm. For stems, we have found that 30 to 60mm are the most effective.

Our team of experts is also on hand to improve and fine-tune the fit of the bike. These adjustments might include raising or lowering the seat or changing the angle of the seat, moving it farther back or forward, or adjusting your handlebar height. Also if you would like advice on what other parts like wheels or tyres would best suit your riding we are more than happy to offer our personal advice based on our extensive testing and experience.

We are here to help

If you have any questions or would like more advice on what size frame to choose, please feel free to contact us via service@polebicycles.com. You are also welcome to apply for membership in Pole Bicycle Riders Group on Facebook. Our experts will be able to tell if the bike you are considering is the right size and can make recommendations.

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