Sun is shining, the weather is not too hot and lots of smiling MTB people are gathering to Himos and starting the practice day of the Sportax Enduro Series second round. The whole place is full of Evolinks, the tribe is here. We brought few bicycles with us for test rides. For sure they got attention and many Pole owners came to our tent just to have a chat, maybe spec the suspension bit. Family is always welcome.

Juhani is thinking how to tackle rocky and technical track.

Juhani thought the trails are in good shape and builded up nicely. He said the first trail gets tougher towards the end and 4th trail got speed, it is interesting even though it’s quite short.

Kaisa liked the third trail “It starts with a good rhythm and the mid section technical outcrop gives a good twist to it.”

Leo said it is so different ride back in Finland after the intensive enduro week in Scotland. He liked the most the second trail after the practice day.

Now team Pole are just about to start the race, it is rainy day so extra challenge is given by the nature. Heads up!

Only one flat tyre, thanks to Huck Norris!

All pictures from the weekend is found from here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1356872837737086.1073741833.727584637332579&type=1&l=288eb85963 

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