The morning of the race day was rainy but warm, very humid. We were expecting some rain and thunder and we surely got it too. The competition started at 10 am and it ended roughly at 4.30 pm, a complete day of mud, rain and best enduro riders of Finland.

The race itself was demanding, no lift assistance, 6 different tracks, most of them ridden twice with relatively long transition distances. And mud.

Strava statistics of Leo.

After the first stage Leo and Juhani were both in the top 10. From the second until the fifth stage Juhani was leading the competition. On the 6th and 7th stage Juhani lost the leading spot but he managed to catch up and was again leading on 8th and 9th stages. 10th and 11th stages got the best of Juhani and he ended up on the second place with 23:54, +00:09 to the winner. Leo finnished the race as 8th with 24:26.

Everybody was full of energy still on the mid section of the third stage, hopes were up and everybody were riding for the win. On the sixth stage, the one before the maintenance break, as the photographer I saw the frustration to grow while cyclists were losing traction and everybody were already quite tired.

Leo after the race, still smiling (and it’s not a piercing)

The second half started with heavy rain and the sections that crossed the skiing slopes became extremely slippery. Pole riders kept their heads together and took quadruple victory.

Onni won junior series with amazing time of 13:53. Juniors rode all the six stages but only once. Onni would place in top 15 in men’s division with the result from the first six stages. Onni was leading the competition through out.

Kaisa won women’s division clearly with the time 29:50, making huge +01:59 clearance to the second one. She preferred to eat than change clothes before the podium, everybody should.

Teemu won men’s 40+ serie with his courageous and coolheaded ride. He finnished the race with 26:24 and the second one +00:28 after him.

Juhani on the second place with 23:57 still making quite nice gap to the third one, +00:23.

Onni Rainio, a pole rider in juniors division. His choice for enduro is Evolink 150.

What a great weekend in conclusion. Big feelings: success, laughter, tears, Finland’s moody weather and amazing atmosphere. See you in Levi!

All pictures from the weekend is found from here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1356872837737086.1073741833.727584637332579&type=1&l=288eb85963 

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