Stamina 160 Remastered



PARTY BIKE / Mullet Ready / 160mm / 180mm / 2021

The most modifiable frame in the Stamina range, it can be built as a pure 29er setup or a “mullet” bike with a 27,5″ rear wheel and 29″ front wheel.

All about business up front and party out the back, the Stamina 160 has snappier rear travel due to its shorter chainstays and is designed for riders, who prefer a gravity-oriented party ride with Pole Bicycles New School Geometry.

With a yoke swap*, you’re able to change the rear travel from 160mm to 180mm, which gives you all the dampening advantages of longer travel but a shorter more agile rear end.

The Stamina 160’s modularity allows it to be converted from 160mm to 180mm with a simple mount swap. Wanting to hit the bike park on a lively, flickable machine or hit the steepest enduro stages on the EWS? No worries – pop in a conversion shock mount, and the right length shock, and you’re away!

Not only is the Stamina 160 a full-blown 29er, but it’s easily transformed into a mullet. Don’t worry though, if you ever regret mullet’ing your Stamina, this bike has an in-built ‘mullet-regret guarantee’. Just drop out your 27.5″ wheel and put the original 29″ rear back in its place.

More aluminum wall thickness in specific places on the frame, make it a stiffer Party Pole than its siblings.

*160mm to 180mm conversion yoke sold separately.

Unique Pole Stamina Technology

Stamina is a fully bonded, patent-pending frame structure, that’s unique to the mountain bike industry. We chose a frame material that is used in aerospace technology and innovated a totally new bonding method so that we can make a monocoque frame that is light, stiff, and durable.

Our first CNC bike was the Machine. Stamina bikes evolved from the Machine – a legend that is ridden all over the world. Once we created the Machine, we went back to the drawing board and created three different bikes with a completely new frame construction.

Stamina is for riders who want the best technology in a frame that stands out from the crowd.

Unique Pole Stamina Material


We are the only bicycle manufacturer that produces its frames from aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum. This unique material is much stronger than conventional 6061-T6 aluminum, which is most commonly used in the cycle industry today.

7075-T6 isn’t generally used in the cycling industry due to its inability to weld efficiently. That’s why we CNC machine monocoque frame parts and then bond them together with glue. This method allows us to make much stronger and lighter frames than using traditional welding technics. The way we make Stamina frames is state-of-the-art technology in the mountain biking industry.

We manufacture and assemble all our Stamina frames and bikes in-house in Finland. This ensures the best quality product, a smaller carbon footprint, a shorter supply chain, and guaranteed labor ethics.

Unique Features of Pole Stamina

Seamless, monocoque frame

We use a completely unique framing method in Stamina bikes, which makes it possible for us to lay the material where it counts.

The finishing gives the frame an exclusive and unique look. The same method is also used in the aerospace industry.

Pole Stamina monocoque frame
Unique, monocoque frame design

“The Dogbone” swingarm

With our patented swingarm construction, the ride is silent, the bike is stronger, and overall easier to maintain. The parts are hollow like bones, and the material has been used where it counts.

The swingarm features the UDH by Sram and an integrated fitment for a STFUBike drivetrain damper.

Pole Stamina 180 Raw Clear coat stock custom dog bone
Stamina 180 clear Raw Clear stock custom dog bone

Plenty of clearance for tires and mud

Have you ever wished that your frame had more clearance for bigger tires or mud? We have solved the clearance problems that riders in the Northern Hemisphere deal with a lot – there’s so much clearance that you can fit a fist-size rock through this bad boy!

We made the frame and the links so smooth and slick, that mud passes through effortlessly and the bike is super easy to wash after a muddy ride.

Stamina has enough tire clearance for big tires and seriously muddy conditions.

Long bearing life by smart design

Our patent-pending frame design has bigger axles and bearings that no one else uses on their bikes – our link axles connecting the rear triangle to the frame are 25mm. This means that we use 25% bigger axles than on a DH fork! The link connection point on the front triangle also uses a 40mm axle.

All bearings used on the frames are Enduro Max bearings and sealed from the trail elements by frame parts. The large frame axle can even be disassembled with a BB tool.

Pole stamina clearcoat bearings
Main pivot bearing on a Pole Stamina

Why should cable routing be an issue?

Cable routing made in the most simple way; outside the frame. With smart frame design, we have been able to make cable routing even cleaner, by using looped cable ties through specially designed holes in the frame, which not only reduces frame material but also weight.

Running cables inside the frame is just a design gimmick –  there is no real logical reason why to do it. And SRAM AXS has made internal cable routing obsolete anyway 😉 Simple – silent – fast.

Pole stamina clearcoat cable
Clean and simple cable routing

More room for bottles

One bottle? Two bottles, THREE?! You can fit two bottles on the inside of the front triangle and even one on the downtube if you like.

Forget your backpack. Choose where to keep your bottle – close to the head tube for easy access, or down near the BB for better weight distribution.

Stamina 140 & 180 can mount two water bottles on the inside of the frame and one under the down tube

Electrophoretic Clearcoat

(Images are for illustration purposes only)

We listened to our customers and the message was loud and clear: They want their RAW finished bikes to continue to look amazing for longer.

Wet paint and anodizing aren’t an option. We never want to cover the pure awesomeness of the CNC machined surface. So we created an area in our new manufacturing warehouse and invested a good deal into industry-leading equipment that can offer a long-term solution. A unique and innovative surface treatment system.

Going Electric – This is NOT anodizing

After extensive studying and testing, we chose to go with Electrophoretic Clearcoat. Something you haven’t heard about before? That’s not surprising, because its use in the bike industry is unique and as far as we know, has never been done before.

This type of surface treatment is mostly used in industries whose applications have to resist mechanical strain and environmental impacts like salt. It’s also commonly used in the jewelry industry. The coating system has a hard surface and completely clear looks the same as the RAW finish.

As the name suggests, the process involves electricity and exposing the processed part to different solutions. First, the surface is cleared from aluminum oxide and other materials present in the alloy, like zinc, copper, and magnesium. Then an electrical circuit is made between electrodes and parts being processed.

When voltage is introduced to the solution, the clearcoat attaches to the surface of the parts. Finally, the parts are cleaned and placed in a low-temperature oven to remove any moisture and residue left over.

The resulting finish is durable, and impressively only a few microns in thickness. High tolerance parts like bearing races and threads are also completely unaffected by the process.

Environment-Friendly Solution

As with our in-house CNC manufacturing process, we wanted to keep our environmental impact as a high priority and as low as possible. In general, the business of surface coating involves chemicals of the worst type, and we wanted to stay with the most environmentally friendly option possible.

When it comes to green factors, electrophoretic clearcoat ticks all the boxes. As it’s a fully closed system it does not involve any heavy or toxic chemicals and all wastewater is securely stored in tanks and recycled later.

The whole treatment is done in-house, so it also gives us complete control of the processes and by-products.

Raising the Standard

Production at our new on-site surface treatment facility is now fully operational. All CNC machined frames ordered from 2021 will have the new clear coat Electrophoretic lacquer applied as a standard procedure. We call this Raw Clear.

Along with the standard Raw Clear lacquer with this new process, we can create colors too. Currently, we have True Gold and Storm Grey. True Gold and Storm Grey are available as an additional option and can be included on all Voima frames for a limited time.

Custom cut and fitted frame protection tape is also included on all colored framesets as standard (True Gold and Storm Grey). Raw Clear frames do not come with protective tape but is available at an additional cost.

Costs for a custom color are as follows;
– Raw Clear (no tape) No Charge
– Raw Clear (with tape) 250 €
– Storm Grey – 350 €
– True Gold – 350 €

For more information, feel free to drop us an email at helpdesk@polebicycles.com.

Mechanical Testing to the Highest Standards

EFBE TRI-TEST Gravity Cat-5 Certified

Widely recognized as the gold standard in the cycle industry for mechanical testing, the EFBE test is conducted according to internationally recognized and accepted standards – Completely independent, they test bicycles and components to international ISO and European EN standards for many companies.

We are 100% confident in our manufacturing method and materials used on our CNC frames. So much so that we sent a Stamina 180 frame to EFBE in Germany to put it through its paces. Not only did it surpass the recommended standards for frame testing in the industry, but the Stamina frame has been awarded the EFBE TRI-TEST® seal.

The TRI-TEST® is EFBE’s proprietary development, which goes way beyond the established national and international standards and reflects the specific challenges faced by modern bikes. With its three modules – fatigue tests, maximum load tests, and overload tests – in various load cases, it provides a time-lapse simulation of the stresses throughout a bike’s entire life. The Stamina frame underwent eight individual test stages to be awarded the seal of approval.

We are happy that Pole Stamina passed our EFBE TRI-TEST GRAVITY with flying colors – the most comprehensive and realistic test program for DH and Enduro bike frames, going way beyond ISO 4210 requirements with increased test forces and added load cases, which reflect the harsh realities for a modern long-travel Enduro frame – EFBE Prueftechnik GmbH

The proof is in the testing and Stamina passed.


Rider heightspeed – 160-170cm
style – 165-175cm
speed – 170-180cm
style – 175-185cm
speed – 180-190cm
style – 185-195cm
Speed – 190+cm
style – 195+cm
Frame sizek1k2k3k4
1. Head angle63,5° @ RS Lyrik 160mm | 63,1° @ RS Lyrik 170mm | 63,3° @ RS ZEB 160mm | 62,9° @ RS Zeb 170mm
2. REACH450480510540
3. Top Tube570600630660
4. BB HEIGHT FROM THE AXLES*-15mm / 341mm @ ZEB 170mm  | -18mm / 338mm @ ZEB 160mm | -17mm / 339mm @ RS Lyrik 170mm | -20mm / 336mm @ RS Lyrik 160mm
5. Seat tube angle78,3°
6. Seat tube angle (effective)80°
7. Stack636645645658
8. Wheelbase1246129213261351
9. Chainstay length (effective)450mm
10. SEAT TUBE LENGTH400400420440
11. Head tube length110120120135
12. Fork offset42mm – 51mm
Front Center831851881911
Standover (from BB to lowest part of top tube)385385405425
Seat tube insert length200200220240

*Measured with 27,5/2,5″ rear tire & 29/2,5″ front tire.


On a bike with such progressive geometry, the question of best sizing is one that we get asked a lot. So, we decided to updated our size naming convention. Instead of S, M, L, and XL we’ve replaced it K1, K2, K3, and K4 (the K stands for Koko, which means size in Finnish)

Taking into consideration height crossovers, we have created a size chart matrix that not only covers the rider’s height but incorporates your riding style too. The result is a simple way for you to best choose the bike size to fit their needs – you’re welcome.

For example, if you are 182cm tall and prefer a bike for all-out speed, we would suggest the size K3. If you spend more time at the bike park or prefer a more agile riding style, take the size K2.

Pole Evolink 1.4 Size Chart


Seat tube standard34.9mm
Seat tube clamp38.5mm (changes may apply in production)
Axle to Crown561-571mm (Lyrik 160-170mm) | 576mm (ZEB 160mm)
Headset standardTOP ZS44 / BOTTOM Integrated (Cane Creek 36 X 45 Degree – 41mm/52mm)
Brake MountDirect mount
Travel front160-170mm | 180mm *
Travel rear160mm
Shock size230 x 65mm
Shock Hardware30.0 x m8 | 12.7 x m8
BB73mm threaded / Compatible with 30mm axle standard
Chain deviceLow direct mount / Pole bash guard
Bottle MountsThree (two on top and one down of downtube)
Axle180mm, thread length 13mm, thread pitch M12x1.0
Wheels27.5+ / 29″ 730-755 mm
Recommended max Tire size2.8″ (27.5″), 2.6″ (29″)
ShiftingOne-by only, 36t max
Cable routingExternal / Stealth dropper post
Link pivot bearings4X 6808 LLU MAX (40*52*7 MM), 4 x 6805 LLU MAX (25*37*7 MM), 2 X 698 LLU MAX (8*19*6 MM)
Material7075 T6 Aluminium
ColorsRaw clear as standard (free) – Additional colors from 80.65€

* Front travel depends on rear travel. When built as 29er, we suggest using a 180mm fork. When built with mixed wheel size, we suggest using a 170mm fork. Still not too sure or have another question? Drop us a message: helpdesk@polebicycles.com

Build options

It’s easy to change the frame from Mullet to Pure 29″ or vice versa.


Fork160 – 170 mm
REAR Wheel27,5″ max 2,8″
FRONT Wheel29″ (check max tire size from fork manufacturer)
Shock230 X 65 mm

Pure 29″

Fork170 – 180 mm
REAR Wheel29″ max 2,6″
FRONT Wheel29″ (check max tire size from fork manufacturer)
Shock230 X 65 MM FOR 160MM OR 250 X 75 MM FOR 180MM (NEEDS THE STAMINA 180 YOKE)

Full Range of CNC Remastered Goodness

There’s no such thing as a bike that does it all – until now. With the Stamina range, there’s a bike for every type of rider.

From beginner to pro, there’s a Stamina that will make you a better rider immediately. The stable, balanced bike geometry and suspension kinematics give a ride you’ve never experienced before, letting YOU focus more on the trail.

As pioneers of New School Geometry, we don’t benchmark other brands; we create things our own way and believe only in the stopwatch – it doesn’t lie. Our in-house design and production, allow us to innovate fast. It sets us apart from others and is the reason why are the leading brand in New School Geometry.

Stamina 140

A 140mm travel rig designed for technical trail and modern XC riders. It’s pure fun and performance out on the trails.

Stamina 160

An ultimate fun machine with 160mm rear travel, mullet-ready design, and thicker frame for extra durability. Bike Park laps with a full-on party machine!

Stamina 180

A bike that hits the nail on the head when it comes to ultimate enduro performance. 180mm of travel at both ends and enduro race-ready out of the box.

Need help choosing?

Our sales team is always here to help you if you have a question. They’re also happy to help you decide which bike and build suits you and your needs the best. So don’t be shy, drop us a message!

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