At some point, we need to look at our business and rethink how we want to run it. For several years Pole has been growing faster than we thought. Since we released our CNC manufactured bikes, our turnover has increased four times larger. We have dependent on growth, and we have invested in our factory. We have been struggling to produce the amount the frames we have sold, and we have been behind schedule for two years now. One reason that we have been late is that we have scrapped a lot of frames because they didn’t pass our quality checks. We want our frames to be perfect. Being late all the time is frustrating, and at the end of the day, being late is not fun. Now when COVID-19 hit us, we made a decision: We want to be better. We have put more effort into our service. We have had a vision of going even further to provide innovations, but struggling with production failures and lead times has made us fight.

The world is struggling with the virus

In the last blog post we made, we told that we are clearing EVOLINK’s from our stock. The pandemic has made our supply chains struggle as well. Some companies that we work with can’t even get plastic granules. Accel group has reported that it is reducing production by 70%. We were supposed to bring an update to EVOLINK, but the situation has led us to postpone EVOLINK updates in the future. In contrast, we want to improve our CNC production and bring those innovations to the market as soon as possible.

EVOLINK price goes down, and the Stamina frameset price goes up

Stamina is our crown jewel. A flagship and a product that holds two patents and more to come. We believe that it’s the bike of the future, and we want to go even further with the manufacturing process that we have. We want to offer more. Therefore we are increasing the price of Stamina 180 by 1000€ since yesterday. Stamina has gone almost a complete remake after the Pinkbike incident. We renewed the swingarm, linkages, yokes, and developed the new DogBone support. Also, there have been several improvements in production quality and tolerances. The bike that you will purchase is not the same bike from half a year ago. However, Stamina 180 EN complete version price is still the same. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that we will get all parts to the TR model, so it’s out of stock for now.

EVOLINK has the geometry that we introduced to the world in 2016. EVOLINK was two years in the making before it saw the light of the day. EVOLINK turns this July five years old almost unchanged. Honestly, there are not many bikes in the world that have lived virtually unchanged for the last five years and are still valid on geometry. EVOLINK’s lifecycle is a statement of our innovative approach to the industry, and we are determined to go even further.

Get your Stamina with the old price

We give our customers an option to purchase the Stamina for the old price for one week before the price goes up permanently. Unfortunately, the delivery time is ten weeks at the moment. At least we can say that since we are producing everything in the house, and it looks like Finland’s COVID-19 curve is not crazy, we believe that we will be operating normally in the future.

Leo Kokkonen


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