Seb Stott, a technical writer of the BikeRadar, recently published his best-of list for 2019. Much to our surprise, since it’s not actually 2019 bike, Mr. Stott announced the Pole Machine TR to be the bike of the year for him. Only the gear that “really stood out and impressed me enough that I can confidently recommend them” got mentioned here, so we are more than honored. Thank’s Seb!

In the article, there’s one line that sums everything about our goals just right:

To be honest, though, I’ve not yet ridden anything I’ve enjoyed quite as much as this. – Seb Stott, BikeRadar

You can read the whole thing from here: https://www.bikeradar.com/features/gear-of-the-year-seb-stott-2019/

Ps. Seb has not ridden Staminas…yet.

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