Why we use the fattest tires that are available on our Taiga fatbike? Well first things first Taiga fits the widest tires on the market. So why not use them? The Vee Tire Snow Shoe 2XL 5.05″ is designed for snowy conditions. It honestly is, the traction and feeling while cornering on snow is unreal compared to any other tires.

Vee Tire writes on their website that they inspired from the feeling of floating on the snow like an actual snowshoe. The feeling is real and very pleasant when you are driving on fresh snow. Let’s see if we will get for next winter the monstrous 3XL Show Shoe, which would be 5.6″ according to the rumors. Vee Tire Co. announces that 5.05 inc wheel holds almost 50% more air volume than a similar 4.8 inched tire. Imagine all the low pressure possibilities the 5.05 can offer!

The wheel set-up choice to your fatbike is very critical. Or actually to any vehicle but fatbikes are based on the tire selection. The usage – which type of trails(or how snowy) you ride, width and weight determines quite nicely which type of tires you need. The ability to set the wheels tubeless is of course very important. You need to fins suitable tires for your needs to have to most fun.

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Offer is valid until the end of August 2017


I did a little sand print experiment to realize how much more friction you get from the 5.05 tire. The narrower tires naturally sinks deeper to the sand and you will suffer from power loss. The prints supports the idea of the floating feel. Of course sand and snow are not 100% comparative but it makes up the point.

From left to right: 2.35, 4.0 and the 5.05

The badass looking wheel set is rather on the heavy side they weights about 2kg each. But the easy climbing Taiga and 2XL Snow Shoes is the dream combination for every wintry adventure.


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