The final round of the Finnish Enduro series took place last weekend in Sappee Bike Park, about a two-hour drive north of Helsinki. It was a nice surprise when it came to weather conditions, with the sun shining and temperatures reached a nice race friendly 18 degrees.

The race was divided up into two days, Saturday for practice and Sunday was race day. After a previous few days of rain the track was a little moist, with some mud gardens and puddles dotted along the tracks. No problem for a Pole bike.

Speaking of tracks, the racers had fourteen stages to negotiate, made up of seven tracks that were basically ridden twice. Now fourteen stages sounds like a lot of peddling up, but thankfully a few of the stages were lift assisted that allowed for the legs to recover. The Pole team riders were hitting the shorter stages with times of over one minute, with longer stages taking almost three minutes. The tracks had a nice variety of fast bike park features, tight corners, mixed in with tight single track forest trails and even a frisbee golf course added to the mix.

The guys at Enduro Magazine calculated that the Pole Evolink 140 bike was 3-4% faster than the other bikes it had tested and it seemed to show as the Pole and Pole Pole team riders (yes two teams, maybe for next year we need to find a better name, suggestions below please) were sitting in good positions and leading the race series coming into this final round.

Practice went well on the Saturday with the team riders becoming familiar with the tracks and conditions. The team seemed to like the tracks and found riding the longer wheelbase Pole bikes was a huge advantage to them as they were hitting wet roots, rock gardens and muddy patches at full blast. With no problems to report with their bikes after a hard days riding, they were cleaned, checked and put away for a good nights sleep, excited with the thought of race day.

Race day.
Large helpings of coffee and porridge was the breakfast of champions as peaking through curtains revealed a misty, chilly morning. The sun was fighting its hardest to peak his head out and by race time the hill was drenched in its golden bliss.

Nerves quickly disappeared as the riders took to the track. Junior rider Onni Rainio was first to hit the trails. Onni rides his Evolink 150 in a style and manner way beyond his years and experience suggests. He was hitting rocks and roots with ease and carried a flow so smooth that makes his riding an exciting pleasure to watch. The result for Onni? Job done! Onni pinned his way to first place by almost half a minute to his nearest rival. Well done Onni!

The Pole girls Kaisa Härkönen and Jasmin Kansikas were still on track and putting in some of the fastest times of the day on their Evolink’s. At the end of the day Kaisa rolled in to second place which gave her enough points to take the overall series. Well done Kaisa! Lets not forget Jasmin either, she secured a solid fifth place and next year she will be right there in the mix of things with Kaisa.

Lauri Hulkkonen WOW! this dude rode his prototype Pole hardtail like a man possessed. Not only did Lauri win the hard tail category by almost two minutes! He also had the eight fastest overall time of all categories and even picked up the second fasted time on stage 5. Now that’s impressive, is this new Pole hardtail something special? Lauri certainly thinks it is.
Teemu Tiiro was riding the mens forty category and Timo powered his Evolink to an impressive third place which meant that Timo was now the Finnish champion for 2017! Well done Timo!

So what about the men? With the podium filling up with Pole bikes and riders was there any more room? It seems like there was lots of space in the lime light and new Pole rider Joonas Riihelä took his brand new Evolink to second place, this was Joonas’s first podium and he said his new bike certainly helped him to reach that podium. What about the others? Juhani Kettunen and Leo Kokkonen finished in forth and sixth respectively. This meant that team Pole and Pole Pole had finished first and second in the team category. Well done guys.

What a weekend! The Pole riders and bikes dominated the race and the season. The bikes have had a hard season of racing all kinds of conditions all over the world without any issues.
Does this mean that Pole bikes are now “race-proven”? 100% yes. But not for one minute think that Pole bikes are for race only, as Leo Kokkonen said “the bikes are faster and easier to ride, which opens new doors of possibilities”
So there we go, another race season done and dusted. This one was beyond belief with the dominance of Pole riders and their bikes.

Would you like your ride to be easier, faster? Would you like to take your riding to another level? The answer to that is… go get yourself a Pole Evolink and dominate your ride.

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Check out the video of the weekend and meet a few of the faces from the Pole teams.


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