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We have signed new blood into our ambassador team. May we present Thomas Mitchell from Scotland to you!

Leo is going to meet him this week in Scotland and hopefully we will get dope material from these two.

We made a small interview with Thomas, he surely is an interesting add into our line up!

How old are you?

I am 23 years old

Where do you live?

I live in a small town called Innerleithen in the Tweed Valley, Scotland 

What do you do besides cycling? 

I am a lawyer and work in a specialist law firm which represents cyclists who have been injured in road traffic collisions called Cycle Law Scotland. I always wanted to be a lawyer and being able to combine my love of cycling with a career as a lawyer is a dream come true.

I also like skiing in the winter

I have two black Labradors who I enjoy hanging out with and going on walks. They are also good trail dogs and are the best training partners.

I also enjoy discovering new places and going on adventures with my girlfriend.


How did you started mountain biking and in what age? 

My parents were into mountain biking in the 90’s and I was strapped to a child seat on the back of my dad’s bike most weekends. I got my first mountain bike aged 5

My love of mountain biking just developed from there, I loved the feeling of freedom and independence mountain biking gave me.

I didn’t start racing until 2014 after trying my first race in the winter of 2013. I did pretty well in my first year of racing and decided I wanted to try and pursue racing more seriously but I also wanted to go to University to study Law so I have been juggling both ever since!

What is your favourite trail and why?

That is a hard one as there are so many good trails where I live and throughout Scotland. I’d probably have to say ‘Repeat Offender’ which is a well-known trail at the ‘Golfie’ in Innerleithen. It was built by a good friend of mine and was even used in the Enduro World Series in 2015. The trail is steep, fast and fun. You are very close to the trees the whole way down and you have to be really precise with your braking and line choice. It’s hard to be a summers evening with friends hitting this trail again and again and again. Hence its name, ‘Repeat Offender’ because once you ride it once you’ll just want to come back for more.

What is your highlight during your cycling career?

My cycling highlight would probably be winning the senior category in the TweedLove King of the Hill race (unofficial Scottish Enduro Champs). That day everything clicked for me, I rode really well and consistently and ended up taking the win by a big margin. It was only my first year racing and I beat a professional EWS racer at the time. That was a big highlight for me being a privateer.

What do you want to say about your Evolink 140 after riding it for a while? 

Where do I start? This bike is simply incredible, being 6ft 3in I have always struggled to get bikes which fit me and I often have to compromise which means I’m at an immediate disadvantage. But with the EVOLINK 140, I finally have a bike which is big enough for me. Most people say it just looks ‘right’ under me and I have to agree.

I love the suspension design too, It’s really predictable and eeks every ounce of grip from the ground. At first I needed to adjust my riding technique as I usually ride quite far off the back, but with the EVOLINK 140 I can centre my weight and charge through everything.

I absolutely love it and I look forward to working with Leo and giving feedback and helping develop future models.

photos: Cat Topham




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