Second day nemesis is still haunting Leo and there has been some troubles on the beginning of the day 2. We reached out to Leo to see how tent life is treating him.

Last night was a carbon copy of the past and went pretty much just as I thought it would go, very little sleep and woke up early. Considering my body feels good and I am not too sore. It is king of nice to wake up early and get chill out around the camp and make everything ready for the day before everyone else get up and it gets busy.

First stage of the day was really technical Riberto Frio it had been raining a lot over night and it made the stage really slippery. I tried to make sure not to ride over my head because it was so slippery. That being said it is hard to ride blind and not make mistakes in these kind of events. I lost my back end on the root section and went over the bars. My bike got stuck between two trees and it was proper yard sale on the trail. Just as I was getting my bike out I noticed my helmet cam was on the ground so in the panic I grabbed it and started riding with my camera in my hand. That was not a good idea so had to stop and in panic mode I put in my mouth and rode it in my mouth till I saw one photographer and gave it to him. I lost quite a bit of time on the stage one mayhem, but rest of the day went according to plan and I rode well.  There is still a lot of racing to go so I tried to forget about the problems I had earlier and focus on the coming stages and make up some of the lost time. As the day went on the stages got dryer and less slippery, most of the stages were long and physical apart from rat boy stage which was short dh style track.I am pretty happy how the day went on apart from the first stage, my riding was getting better and I felt really good the bike so it is good to finish the day on a positive note. I ended up dropping to 3rd place in the end but it is not too bad considering my stage one issues.

Now I need to go to my tent on try to organise my stuff and gear bag for the next day. Keeping your stuff in order at trans event is the hardest part, because you have to have a lot stuff but there is not much room in your tent to put it. By the end of the week I think I have figured out a system where to put everything, let see.


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