I write this post to shed some light where we are with our production at the moment. The season has kicked in, and people are waiting for their products. We know. It’s hard not to have a bike, but I would not go to the forums and try to get information from random people. I have seen that people on the forums are saying that “My bike is late. Mine too! We are screwed!”. When we look at the cases, the other guy has a preorder and the other is delivery from stock, and they are entirely different things. Both might be late, but both cases have various reasons, and it does not mean that everything is late. I think by reading this, you will understand how we operate.

How Pole operates the sales

One thing is that we don’t do discounts on our products regularly. The reason for this is that we don’t overstock anything. Our discount campaigns are always preorders where the customer pays products in advance to get a discount. Our benefit from this is that we get some prepayment that we can use for paying the advance payments to our suppliers for parts and raw materials. Also, preorders help us to get loans from banks because we can show that there is a need for the products. The downside for preorders is that the production time is sometimes unreliable. We have a wide product range, and we source our products from different origins. Sometimes even a failed seatpost can hold up the production. So, if we don’t have your seat post, we can not deliver a complete bike.

The order types

There are two types of orders, and you need to know that to be nimble in production, we don’t stock complete bikes in our warehouse. Every single bike is assembled in Finland.

  1. In stock frameset order: The fastest deliveries are in framesets that do not need a lot of assemblies. We just put the shock and bearings in and pack the frame to a box and ship it.
  2. In stock complete bike order: First, we gather up the parts from our warehouse. Secondly, we assemble the complete bike and test ride it. Then the bike will be disassembled, and the frame is folded into a small box to save cost and environment (if it’s a full suspension bike)
  3. Preorders or custom color order: After presale ends, we pay the advance payments to the factory and start the production. We know the production lead times based on previous projects.
  4. Presale of a NEW product: When we start the presale, we have finalized the products 90%. We are still developing the product, and we are preparing for the production. We still have some things uncertain, and we try to estimate the time of delivery based on the previous projects.

Why do we sell preorders?

Pole is a fast-growing company, and we have multiplied our revenue every year for almost six years now. This year we have practically sold the same amount of bikes already as the last year. Doubling up the production is challenging and helping us we like to offer our customers the opportunity to get our unique products with less money. We are doing our best and not always we can control everything, so we need some understanding. We don’t want to make compromises in quality, and we want to offer the latest technologies. The product is the best in the world, and we want everyone to enjoy it!

Current production and delivery status

  • EVOLINK – In stock – On time
  • Machine – In stock – On time
  • Stamina 180 – In production – One month late – New orders delivery July
  • Stamina 140 – In production – One month late – New orders delivery July
  • Taiga – Small in stock – New orders delivery July
  • Taival – Xsmall and Small in stock – production – One month late – New orders delivery July
  • Tomu – In stock – On time

Reasons for delays


Our factory in Taiwan was a bit overwhelmed with the number of custom color orders added to our standard color manufacturing batch. The frames are painted after the basic colors are ready, and have to be done in small quantities to keep the quality standards intact. This has caused a small delay, and the new estimated shipping date for your order is on week 26-27. The color on the frames looks perfect, as we have learned from the previous custom color campaigns. The chromoly frame itself provides a super stable and fun platform to ride.

In the photo, the top half parts are the production parts, and the lower half is the prototype parts. Shock mounts are the same. The most notable change is the frame bonding bolts. The other big difference is the links and the axles and how they connect to the rear triangle. The link axles went from 10mm to 25mm.

Stamina 140 and 180 delay

We were ready in time, BUT when we started to design the Stamina 140, we founded a new way of bonding the two halves. Also, we found a new way to create rear triangles. We applied patents to these both findings and decided to skip the one year model for the 180 and 140 and give the goodies early to our customers. We asked about this form people who first ordered the bikes, and they were happy about it. The benefit is a better bike you and for us. It’s lighter, stiffer and the rest of the marketing bs 😉

Thank you for your understanding!

Leo Kokkonen


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