Seamless, monocoque frame

We use a completely unique framing method in Stamina bikes, which makes it possible for us to lay the material where it counts.

The finishing gives the frame an exclusive and unique look. The same method is also used in the aerospace industry.

Pole Stamina monocoque frame
Unique, monocoque frame design

“The Dogbone” swingarm

With our patented swingarm construction, the ride is silent, the bike is stronger, and overall easier to maintain. The parts are hollow like bones, and the material has been used where it counts.

The swingarm features the UDH by Sram and an integrated fitment for a STFUBike drivetrain damper.

Pole Stamina 180 Raw Clear coat stock custom dog bone
Stamina 180 clear Raw Clear stock custom dog bone

Plenty of clearance for tires and mud

Have you ever wished that your frame had more clearance for bigger tires or mud? We have solved the clearance problems that riders in the Northern Hemisphere deal with a lot – there’s so much clearance that you can fit a fist-size rock through this bad boy!

We made the frame and the links so smooth and slick, that mud passes through effortlessly and the bike is super easy to wash after a muddy ride.

Stamina has enough tire clearance for big tires and seriously muddy conditions.

Long bearing life by smart design

Our patent-pending frame design has bigger axles and bearings that no one else uses on their bikes – our link axles connecting the rear triangle to the frame are 25mm. This means that we use 25% bigger axles than on a DH fork! The link connection point on the front triangle also uses a 40mm axle.

All bearings used on the frames are Enduro Max bearings and sealed from the trail elements by frame parts. The large frame axle can even be disassembled with a BB tool.

Pole stamina clearcoat bearings
Main pivot bearing on a Pole Stamina

Why should cable routing be an issue?

Cable routing made in the most simple way; outside the frame. With smart frame design, we have been able to make cable routing even cleaner, by using looped cable ties through specially designed holes in the frame, which not only reduces frame material but also weight.

Running cables inside the frame is just a design gimmick –  there is no real logical reason why to do it. And SRAM AXS has made internal cable routing obsolete anyway 😉 Simple – silent – fast.

Pole stamina clearcoat cable
Clean and simple cable routing

More room for bottles

One bottle? Two bottles, THREE?! You can fit two bottles on the inside of the front triangle and even one on the downtube if you like.

Forget your backpack. Choose where to keep your bottle – close to the head tube for easy access, or down near the BB for better weight distribution.

Stamina 140 & 180 can mount two water bottles on the inside of the frame and one under the down tube


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