190 mm / 29″
Assembly in 3-6 days

Choose color

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*Color and protective film selection is a paid upgrade option. Our factory fitted protective film protects your frame from wear and tear and comes standard with Storm Grey and True Gold.

Race Axles

Riding hard? Make your swingarm 30% stiffer!
Hit corners harder and more accurately.


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Hit corners harder and with more accuracy. Race Axles offer more composure in harsh G-outs.


Sensei suspension swingarm does not have bridges between each side. Instead, we have a patent pending bridgeless swingarm. Our axles have bores that create a rigid construction for the swingarm. The upside of this design is that there’s massive tire clearance, ease of service, and we control the stiffness EXACTLY how we want. Racing Axles makes the swingarm 30% stiffer. 


Stiffer is not for everyone. Most riders are better off with a more compliant frame. A Stiff frame is something that does not give in and is not easy to bend. A very stiff frame would mean a bike that is very accurate in turning at high speeds and is not so forgiving of the mistakes we make. We have learned that a nimbler rear triangle is easier to corner at low speed. Overall the bike is more tolerant of errors and more comfortable. 


Racers, big boys, and fast riders. You know if you need them.

Includes race badge & axles in gold color.


Customize your bike the way you want it.



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Choose between the ZEB Select or the Ultimate.The Ultimate comes with the new Charger 3 RC2 damper and ButterCup technology which reduces trail chatter. The Ultimate also has more adjustability so you can fine tune your suspension to your liking.

RockShox ZEB Select 190mm MY23

ZEB Select is performance-packed, featuring an updated 38mm chassis, Charger RC damper and the new DebonAir+ air spring technology.

  • 38mm chassis for increased stiffness.
  • Charger RC damper featuring Low Speed Compression and Rebound adjust.
  • DebonAir+ air spring is built to strike the perfect balance of what riders really want: a butterlike small bump feel, increased air volume to add support throughout the travel, and higher overall ride height for more confidence when things get steep.
  • Upgradeable to new Pressure Relief Valves.
  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction, lasts longer, and enhances suspension performance ride after ride.
  • Bolt-in torque cap adapters now included for use with standard hub end caps.
  • RockShox premium short fender compatibility.
  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and silences damper noise.

RockShox ZEB Ultimate 190mm MY23

ZEB Ultimate has an updated stiff 38mm chassis, a the new Charger 3 RC2 damper with vibration-killing ButterCup technology.

  • 38mm chassis for increased stiffness..
  • Charger 3 features an all-new Internal Floating Piston (IFP) design that offers more consistency through the stroke, and truly independent adjustments that reduce harshness and increase control without any “cross-talk”. Featuring High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, and a revamped Low Speed Rebound, every click is exact and meaningful.
  • ButterCups block 20% of high frequency “trail chatter”. Limiting these vibrations massively reduces hand and arm fatigue.
  • DebonAir+ air spring is built to strike the perfect balance of what riders really want: a butterlike small bump feel, increased air volume to add support throughout the travel, and higher overall ride height for more confidence when things get steep.
  • Ultimate Bushing Package maximizes bushing overlap, reducing friction and creating the smoothest ride possible.
  • Pressure Relief Valves eliminate unwanted air pressure build-up in the lower leg caused by variations in altitude or temperature. With the press of a button, Pressure Relief Valves restore that premium fork feel.
  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction, lasts longer, and enhances suspension performance ride after ride.
  • Bolt-in torque cap adapters now included for use with standard hub end caps.
  • Lightweight machined and anodized crown for premium looks and durability.
  • Ultra-low friction SKF wiper seals.
  • RockShox premium short fender compatibility.
  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and silences damper noise.


Rear Shock


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The RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate offers unparalleled performance and ease of adjustment. With its advanced technology and intuitive adjustability features, this shock allows you to fine-tune your setup to your specifications, ensuring optimal performance on the trails. If you’re looking for even more customization options and want more tuning dials to play with, you can also go for the Cane Creek option. Whatever you go with, both shocks will provide you with high performance and outstanding performance on the trails.

Rock Shox Super Deluxe Ultimate

Packed to the hilt with fine-tuning adjustments that meaningfully improve suspension performance. The Super Deluxe Ultimate has the new RC2T damper which allows for 100% independent High Speed and Low Speed Compression adjustments.

  • RC2T Damper, offers completely independent High Speed and Low Speed Compression adjustments, eliminating “cross-talk” so you can tune your shock to exactly how you want it to perform.
  • DebonAir+ air spring maximizes fine-tuning potential, allowing you to tune both the negative and positive air volume to perfectly match your bike, desired ride feel, and the trail ahead.
  • 15 clicks of Rebound adjustment offer a wider range of tunability and accommodate more rider types.
  • Castled bottom out bumper reduces harsh bottom-out, leaving extra room for the bold to go big.
  • Increased bushing overlap maximizes small bump performance and grip.
  • Separate and independent Open and Threshold pistons tuned exactly for your ride.
  • Fresh new premium graphics package to flash on the podium or as you blaze past your buddies on the doubletrack.
  • Top-of-the-line Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction to help maintain traction.

CANE CREEK Kitsuma Air

The DB Kitsuma Air is a highly adjustable rear shock, designed for maximum performance and designed to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use.
Based on the DNA of the original Double Barrel range of shocks, the DB Kitsuma improves upon its predecessors in almost every area. It adapts to all riding styles, body types and bike frame designs without the need for any adjustments, modifications or compromises to the internal valves.

Damping: Twin Tube compression and independent rebound
Tool-less adjustment system
Three positions of the “Climb Switch”
Mounting interface: Norglide® bushing 12.7 Mm Universal Axle
Maximum pressure: 300 psi

High speed compression (CHV)
High speed trigger (DHV)
Low speed compression (CBV)
Low speed trigger (DBV)

Cane Creek Kitsuma Coil

DB Kitsuma is a highly adjustable rear shock built for maximum performance in a design that is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

• designed for tool-free wide range of adjustment
• independent compression and rebound damping circuits
• designed, developed and hand-built in Western North Carolina

Additional information
Weight: 468g (DB Coil 210mm w/o spring)

Damper: Twin Tube independent compression and rebound damping circuits. Motorex 4wt Damper Oil.

Adjustments: High speed compression, Low speed compression, High speed rebound, Low speed rebound

Shaft Diameter: 9.5mm

Derailleur and Trigger


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We trust SRAM drivetrains. Choose between the tried and trusted GX or how about going electric with the GX ASX? Or go with the X01 trigger and shifter for super smooth and precise shifts.

Sram GX Trigger

Precise and durable, it’s the hard-working, no-compromise shifter keeping riders in the right gear, every ride.

  • Aluminum trigger designed for a positive lever feel.
  • MatchMaker X compatible.
  • GX Eagle signature colorway to match all cassette and chain colors as part of Eagle Colorsystem.

Sram GX Derailleur

Riders want the derailleur to do its job shifting on command, whether under climbing load or the stage finish. The GX Eagle derailleur gets it done with an updated cage architecture that improves chain management

  • Backwards compatible, works with both 10-50t and new 10-52t cassettes.
  • Updated cage architecture provides better chain retention and precise shifts.

Sram GX AXS Trigger and derailleur

SRAM AXS is all about wireless electronic shifting. That’s right, no more gear cables! Instead, you get the simplicity of SRAMS-proven wireless technology.
Want to customize how it works? No problem! Simply using the SRAM AXS app allows you the option to swap paddle shapes and the ability to assign different touchpoints.

Sram AXS is a big favorite amongst the staff and team riders at Pole and comes highly recommended.

Sram X01 Trigger

The SRAM X01 trigger has an enhanced lever feel rolling on sealed cartridge bearings, offering more precision through the range of its movement.

  • Forged aluminum trigger designed to better take abuse.
  • Enhanced lever feel and precision.
  • X01 Eagle signature colorway matches all cassettes and chains as part of the Eagle Colorsystem.

Sram X01 Derailleur

the X01 Eagle derailleur features an updated cage architecture, to provide better chain management than ever. The X01 Eagle rear derailleur works with the new 10-52t cassettes and is backwards compatible to also work with 10-50t options.

  • Updated cage provides better chain retention and more precise shifts.
  • Backwards compatible, works with 10-50t and new 10-52t cassettes.



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GX gives you great value and performance. Choose XX1 as a lighter and more wear resistant option. All XX1 cassettes comes with an XX1 chain, both in gold color.

SRAM GX XG-1275 Eagle

The new 10-52 tooth GX Eagle cassette for riders who prioritize all day function over anything else. With an expanded, 520-percent gear range giving riders more ability to spin and recover on the burliest climbs, and an open design that aids in mud clearance, giving riders crisp shifting performance and longer component life.

  • 520-percent gear range utilizing the industry standard XD™ hub driver.
  • Light and strong FULL PIN™ technology similar to X-DOME™ bringing true 1x gear range to more riders and builds.

SRAM XX1 XG-1299 Eagle Gold

Whether for prized race machines or the build of their dreams, the XG-1299 cassette is the ultimate, giving riders unprecedented 520-percent range thanks to the new 10-52 tooth-span.

  • Stronger riders can increase chainring size for speed, without sacrificing climbing.
  • Provides a massive 520-percent gear range.




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Light and robust, the GX cranks are a good solid choice. To make your bike lighter, choose the X01 crankset.

SRAM GX Eagle DUB Crankset

The cranks feature X-SYNC 2 tooth profile chainring for complete chain control, and DUB technology for a uniform approach to fitment, better sealing and forward and backward compatibility.

  • Direct mount interface compatible with chainrings across the entire Eagle Ecosystem.

SRAM X01 Eagle DUB Carbon Crankset

Strength is how the X01 Eagle DUB crankset takes capability to places never before reached. It’s the strongest crank in the entire Eagle ecosystem, and it holds this status at a weight that is hard to fathom.

  • The strongest crank in the entire Eagle ecosystem.
  • Raw aluminum chainring teeth to fresh throughout the entire lifespan of the precision CNC machined direct mount ring.




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When it comes to power and reliability, you can’t go wrong with Sram brakes. Our team has personally tested and trust Code brakes, which consistently deliver unparalleled stopping power and dependability. The RSC version takes it a step further, featuring a pad contact adjustment that allows you to fine-tune the contact point for even greater precision and control.
For those out there that want even more power and the improved brake lever feel go with the Braking INCAS 2.0.
Trick stuff DIRETTISSIMA, what can we say about these? If you want the best of the best these are the ultimate when it comes to brakes, amazingly powerful, super light at only 250 grams with great looks.

SRAM Code R 220/200mm

For superior braking power, Code R has a DirectLink lever mated to an oversized four-piston caliper. Finger ergonomics adapt with a tool-free reach adjust – offering a perfect balance of all forces: reliable, practical and – naturally – powerful.

  • Designed specifically for heavy-duty demands.
  • Engineered for easy installation and maintenance.

SRAM Code RSC 220/200mm

Meet the new standard for hard-hitting, heavy-duty braking. With added 15% extra piston power and 30% more volume in the lever reservoir, ensuring peak performance. And with SwingLink™ and Lever Pivot Bearing technologies, lever feel remains smooth and progressive, no matter how hard the pull.

  • Designed specifically for heavy-duty demands.
  • Engineered for easy installation and maintenance.

Braking INCAS 2.0 203mm

Braking presents the evolution of their top-range Incas Braking System with the introduction of Version 2.0. The significant difference with previous version is the ability to mount a 3mm thick disc in combination with a caliper that has a ventilated spacer (Rear). Made in Italy.

Area of intended use : cross country, all mountain, enduro, e-bike
Brake caliper material: milled aluminium
Material brake lever: milled aluminium
Material housing: aluminum milled
Pistons: 2 (diameter 26mm)
Brake Mount: Postmount 6″
Brake medium: brake fluid DOT 4 or DOT 5.1
Brake line: Steel braided line with Kevlar reinforcement
Brake pad: metallic
Design brake lever: 2-finger
Reach adjustment: yes / with tool (2 mm Allen key)
Pressure point adjustment: yes / with tool (2 mm Allen key)

Weight weighed: 712g (set), 327g (front), 384g (rear)


Can a legend be made better?
Nothing less than enormous braking power, excellent controllability, full stability and perfect feel were the basic requirements for this brake.

Outstanding look and feel
Enormous braking power
CNC-machined from 7075 T6 aluminum
Lightest four-piston brake, only 250 grams
Simple, fast and clean bleeding
Includes fade-resistant and powerful Trickstuff brake pads
Tool-free lever adjustment
Made in Germany



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If you’re looking for a solid and light wheelset for everyday riding, look no further than the Crankbrothers Synthesis. Not only does it offer fantastic performance out on the trail, but it also provides great feeling. However, if you’re looking for a truly high-performance option, the Mavic Deemax 29 is the way to go. Proven by the world’s fastest DH and enduro racers on the most extreme terrain, this 29″ wheelset has earned its reputation as a racer’s favorite. With its constant evolution, the Deemax is now stronger and faster than ever before. If you are after a bulletproof and light wheelset for bike parks and hard riding go with the Mavic E-Deemax S3.


  • Tuned Front and Rear Alloy Wheel System for enduro riding and racing.
  • Front and rear specific wheels tuned and optimized to address the specific performance requirements and loads of mountain bike riding.
  • Compliant tuned front wheel improves handling and maximizes grip and control in turns. Wider inner rim width supports wider tire profile in front, increased volume and contact patch, and rounds tire profile to enhance turning.
  • Stiff tuned rear wheel supports peak loads and enhances stability and tracking at speed. Narrower inner rim width supports narrower tire profile in rear, improves rolling resistance, and sharpens tire edge for grip.
  • Welded and sleeved rim joint for additional strength.

WEIGHT: 902g (front 29), 1095g (rear 29)


Proven by the world’s fastest DH and enduro racers on the most extreme terrain, this high-performance 29” wheelset has earned its status as a racer’s favorite. The constantly evolving Deemax is now stronger and faster than ever.

Weight : 2110 grams (Pair 29″)


PFP (Pinch Flat Protection) rim sidewalls have a wider contact surface at the top of sidewall, which significantly minimizes the risk of tire cuts and punctures. Super strong rim (ASTM 5) gives you the confidence to push your limits on rough terrain.

Wider 30mm (internal) rim adds stiffness and cornering precision. Engineered for the added torque of E-bike motors with 28 threaded three-cross spokes that further boost lateral stiffness.

Weight : 2070 grams (Pair 29″)

Handlebar and Stem


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Title was formed by Brett Rheeder with a belief in building products that riders trust and believe in. At Pole we have thoroughly tested Title products and they get a big two thumbs up from us!

Title ST1 31.8 35mm STEM

  • Rigorously tested by EFBE. Passed TRI-TEST® GR. Certified for freeride and downhill mountain bikes
  • Machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Smooth matte black finish
  • Compatible with G1 Gyro System

Title AH1 800mm Handlebar

  • Rigorously tested by EFBE. Passed TRI-TEST® GR. Certified for freeride and downhill mountain bikes
  • Made from aerospace grade 7050 T74 aluminum
  • Spiral butting technology (improves strength / reduces weight)
  • Centre guidelines for easy stem alignment
  • Cut guidelines on both ends of handlebar
  • Smooth matte black finish

RaceFace Half Nelson Grip

The Half Nelsons have a super-tacky, thin, lightweight feel right out of the box.



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Dropper posts are a game changer on how we ride our bikes. With a simple push of a lever, the saddle is out of the way, giving you more room and confidence on the steep and gnarly or sending it over the jumps.
At Pole, we test and choose quality products that can survive our harsh climate.
The Tellis dropper offers excellent value for money and will do a great job. If you want to step things up to BikeYoke Revive MAX dropper post, you will get a post praised for its smooth action and regarded as the best-feeling cable-operated dropper, with a precise and light lever feel. The Revive also has an auto-refresh mechanism to ‘bleed’ itself and prevent sponginess.
When it comes to the future, the Rock Shox Reverb AXS is leading the way; it has no hoses and requires no cable routing! That’s because the Reverb is a wireless-electronic dropper post and controller that is easy to install with effortless and smooth action.

BikeYoke Revive MAX

  • Material: aluminum
  • Diameter: 34.9 mm
  • Offset: 0 mm
  • How it works: pneumatic / hydraulic with mechanical control
  • Max. Driver weight: 115 kg (including equipment)


  • Simplistic – Fully Sealed Alloy Cage / Stainless Tip Cartridge System
  • Durable 3D Forged Head – With 7075-T6 Forged Clamp
  • Featherlight Thumb Actuation
  • Intelligent Keyway System – Ensures Minimal Play
  • Easy Installation – Cable Head Attaches At Base
  • Cold Weather Approved – Tested Down To -20C.

RockSHOX Reverb AXS

  • Wireless-electronic dropper post and controller
  • Internal floating piston
  • Zero Offset
  • Effortless wireless-electronic actuation
  • Fast to install. No hoses to route



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EXO casing is light weight and suitable for trail riding.
DD casing is best of both worlds.
DH casing is the perfect option for bike parks and downhill use.

Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5

With a tread design that deftly balances rolling speed with braking and cornering traction, it’s no wonder why the Minion DHF is one of the most imitated tires in mountain biking.

Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.4

With side knobs borrowed from the legendary Minion DHF, but widened to provide more support, the DHR II corners like no other. The center tread features ramped leading edges to improve acceleration to create a smooth transition when leaning the bike. Paddle-like knobs on the center tread dig in under hard braking and help keep the bike under control.

Maxxis Assegai 2.5

Greg Minnaar’s signature tire – the Maxxis Assegai – provides tenacious, predictable grip across the entire profile no matter the lean angle.

EXO casing

EXO is a cut- and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls. This densely woven fabric is lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tire remains unaffected. Choose EXO Protection for enhanced durability for XC, and light-duty trail riding.


DoubleDown (DD) is the solution for enduro racing and e-bike use. Two layers of lightweight 120 TPI casing material are combined with a butyl sidewall insert to create a highly durable tire with more trail feedback than a Downhill casing tire. DoubleDown tires are marginally lighter than their Downhill counterparts, but it’s really the difference in “trail feel” that sets the two apart.

DOwnhill casing (DH)

As the name implies, Maxxis’ Downhill casing tires are designed for extreme use in all gravity applications from downhill racing to bike park riding to free riding to long travel e-bikes. A Maxxis Downhill tire is made with two layers of our durable 60 TPI casing material along with a large butyl rubber insert that extends from each bead into the sidewall. The butyl insert helps prevent pinch flats, protects the rim from impacts, and provides additional sidewall stability.

Chain Guide & Bashguard


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Having a chain guide and bashguard is essential for maintaining optimal performance and protecting your bike from damage. A chain guide keeps the chain securely in place and prevents it from falling off the chainring. Additionally, a bashguard acts as a protective barrier for your chainring, shielding it from impact and prolonging the life of your bike’s drivetrain. Together, these components provide a reliable and durable drivetrain system, allowing you to focus on the ride and not worrying about your bike’s maintenance.

We have two options to choose from, first up is our in-house designed and CNC’ed machined adaptor finished off with Absolute Blacks chain guide and bashguard. If you want to run your your own chain guide, then pick up the CNC’ed ISCG-05 adaptor.

ISCG-05 adapter

Vikkelä comes as standard with a CNC-machined ISCG-05 adapter so you can use your favourite chain guide.

Pole Adapter & Absolute Black Chain Guide & Bashguard

As an option, we can provide a lightweight custom bracket and AbsoluteBlack chain guide & bashguard – an extremely lightweight and highly recommended kit.

MegaNorris Tire Inserts


Out of stock


Huck Norris Meganorris

Huck Norris Meganorris tire inserts perform excellently even in the harshest of riding conditions. Avoid torn tires and damaged wheels. Comes preinstalled.
Riding a Vikkelä is all about going fast and having fun, but sometimes a nasty rock might put an end to all that excitement. The last thing anyone wants is a dreaded flat tire or a broken rim, and no one wants to have that walk home or spend valuable time on the side of the trail trying to fix it.
Huck Norris to the rescue!
We at Pole highly recommend having these in your wheels, for that extra peace of mind.




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Our bikes come as tubeless setup as standard.
But to prevent causing a mess in shipping, sealant must be added before riding.

Stan is your man when it comes to keeping your tyres full of air, sealing up holes and virtually eliminating flats.
This kit contains 3 x 60 ml (2 oz) of Stan’s NoTubes sealant in small bottles which are easy to apply through the valve stem.

Spare Derailleur Hanger


Out of stock


Universal Derailleur Hanger

Don’t get left out on the trail with a long walk home. For peace of mind pick-up a replacement hanger and pop it in your backpack or tool pouch.

The UDH  protects your derailleur against chain jams by pivoting back and out of the way, and slips slightly when encountering impacts. It improves shifting performance, guarantees better alignment

  • It offers unparalleled derailleur protection. And perfect alignment. Guaranteed.
  • The UDH is designed to rotate rearward in the event of impact and features the ability to “re-rail” the chain back onto the small cog.

VisionVelo Fender-set

VisionVelo Fender Set75.00 
Out of stock


RaceFace Aeffect-R Pedals

RaceFace Aeffect-R Pedals105.00 
Out of stock


Sendhit Nock Handguards V2


Taking into consideration height crossovers, we have created a size chart matrix that not only covers the rider’s height but incorporates your riding style too. The result is a simple way for you to best choose the bike size to fit their needs.

For example, if you are 182cm tall and prefer a bike for all-out speed, we would suggest the size K3. If you spend more time at the bike park or prefer a more agile riding style, take the size K2.

Frame sizeK1K2K3K4
1. Head angle63,5°
2. REACH (measured with 135mm headtube)450480510535
3. Top Tube561591621651
4. BB “DROP”0
5. Seat tube angle80°
6. SEAT TUBE LENGTH360360400420
7. Max insertion depth153mm above the BB
8. Stack635648648648
9. Wheelbase1283131313431368
10. Chainstay length (effective)455mm
11. Head tube length125135135135
12. Fork offset44-51mm
13. Front Center857887917942

Here is a neat tool we made so you can try out what seat post length and crank arm size is suitable for your body.

Electrophoretic Clearcoat

We listened to our customers and the message was loud and clear: They want their RAW finished bikes to continue to look amazing for longer.

Wet paint and anodizing aren’t an option. We never want to cover the pure awesomeness of the CNC machined surface. So we created an area in our new manufacturing warehouse and invested a good deal into industry-leading equipment that can offer a long-term solution. A unique and innovative surface treatment system.

Going Electric – This is NOT anodizing

After extensive studying and testing, we chose to go with Electrophoretic Clearcoat. Something you haven’t heard about before? That’s not surprising, because its use in the bike industry is unique and as far as we know, has never been done before.

This type of surface treatment is mostly used in industries whose applications have to resist mechanical strain and environmental impacts like salt. It’s also commonly used in the jewelry industry. The coating system has a hard surface and completely clear looks the same as the RAW finish.

As the name suggests, the process involves electricity and exposing the processed part to different solutions. First, the surface is cleared from aluminum oxide and other materials present in the alloy, like zinc, copper, and magnesium. Then an electrical circuit is made between electrodes and parts being processed.

When voltage is introduced to the solution, the clearcoat attaches to the surface of the parts. Finally, the parts are cleaned and placed in a low-temperature oven to remove any moisture and residue left over.

The resulting finish is durable, and impressively only a few microns in thickness. High tolerance parts like bearing races and threads are also completely unaffected by the process.

Environment-Friendly Solution

As with our in-house CNC manufacturing process, we wanted to keep our environmental impact as a high priority and as low as possible. In general, the business of surface coating involves chemicals of the worst type, and we wanted to stay with the most environmentally friendly option possible.

When it comes to green factors, electrophoretic clearcoat ticks all the boxes. As it’s a fully closed system it does not involve any heavy or toxic chemicals and all wastewater is securely stored in tanks and recycled later.

The whole treatment is done in-house, so it also gives us complete control of the processes and by-products.

True Gold

Raising the Standard

Production at our new on-site surface treatment facility is now fully operational. All CNC machined frames have the clear coat Electrophoretic lacquer applied as a standard procedure. We call this Raw Clear.

We can do colors too! Currently, we have True Gold and Storm Grey. True Gold and Storm Grey are available as an additional option and can be included on all Vikkelä frames.

Custom cut and fitted frame protection tape is also included on all colored framesets as standard (True Gold and Storm Grey). Raw Clear frames do not come with protective tape but is available at an additional cost.

Storm Grey

Raw Clear

For more information, feel free to drop us an email at


Our sales team is always here to help you if you have a question. They’re also happy to help you decide which bike and build suits you and your needs the best. So don’t be shy, drop us a message!

You can also call us directly on: +358 50 436 7350

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