We have made a decision not to be presented in the Eurobike this year. We are not introducing our new products over there, because Eurobike doesn’t serve our customers interests. “From 2018, Eurobike moves forward to take place earlier in the year and will focus exclusively on trade visitors. ” Eurobike-show.com

We want to secede from the pattern of the model year thinking, because it doesn’t serve the benefits of our beloved bike enthusiasts. We do not want to make modifications to our bikes or update the component lists just to have a new line-up, we want to make the modifications that are needed to make our bikes even better. This mentality should not be bound to the seasons of the year. We do not live by dead lines set up by annual exhibition, we think that era should be over by now. In the future we want to focus on events where we can meet you, people and get you to ride the most radical geometry that is out there.




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