Crankworx is a big circus. Whistler’s rider amount peaks up during Crankworx, and a lot is going on. Whip contests, DH contests, EWS contest, slopestyle… you name it. It’s incredible to see how many people are interested in these events and go to cheer their champions. We were there to take part in the competitions and to ride. And oh boy, we rode a lot.

From the Top Of The Mountain

Top of the mountain is not a walk in the park for sure. We recommend it for people who are willing to ride a long stretch of lots of rocks. For us, it was a blast as we like to plow through rocks and rough stuff. We suggest taking water and some snack when you go there and enjoy the views. You need to buy an extra ticket for the final chairlift before you go up there. If you want to go to ride only the Ride Don’t Slide, you can push and pedal up on the fire roads. Just don’t push up the trails!

Whistler Bike Park

Riding a bike park is fun, and you can learn a thing or two. In Whistler, there is so much bike park to be ridden so that you can learn something at every ride. Just follow a local guy, and it’s possible to learn those lines that have been evolving throughout years and years of riding park. We rode all the trails at the park and something outside the park as well

Outside the park

You can ride a lot outside the park. There are many different short trails near the Whistler Bike park which you can find from Trailforks app. If you go to the Lord Of the Squirrels, I suggest you take a lot of water and snack with you as the climb will be longer than you think. If you decide to ride on the Blackcomb area Micro Climate, Crazy Train, Hey Bud or Dark Chrystal, you can manage by a decent amount of water. There are good trails also around the Lost Lake, so there is a lot of variety to choose from.

Tips and advice

  1. We suggest that you go to the park before the Crankworks starts because during Crankworx, a lot of the tracks are closed pretty randomly, and they wear out fast.
  2. Try to adjust your speed before the corner. There is a lot of people who ride there, and the trails get bad if people break in every berm.
  3. Bring a lot of cash. The place is expensive.
  4. You might run into a bear. Leo almost hit a bear twice. Stay cool and act normal and you’ll be fine.
  5. Try to find local riders with similar riding skills who can show you around. You’ll find your way around faster when you have a guide.


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